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Hello you beautiful Rebels and welcome Back to another video in today's video I Am answering the question are we Preppers so let's go a while ago I Posted a video pretty much showing what Our pantry looks like and it doesn't Really look like the standard pantry if You're interested in the video I'll link It in the description of this video but Anyways our pantry doesn't look like Other people's pantries it's really Stocked up in our garage and we have a Lot all spring all summer and all fall I Am constantly dehydrating freeze drying Freezing canning doing anything I can do To preserve food from our garden and Foraging I think some people look at a Freezer filled with food or a shelf Filled with canned jars and they're like Oh it's so beautiful it's amazing it's The ideal life and I agree it is Absolutely beautiful it's absolutely Amazing but it takes a ton of work an Absolute ton of work and I don't think Most people understand how much work it Takes I Garden I forage I do all that Stuff but the amount of work in my Garden is like this and the amount of Work preserving is like this it takes Most of my time but I really find that It's worth it because I care about food Security so that is the reason why we Have two stocked up freezers it's the Reason why I have so many dehydrated

Canned jars pickle jars freeze-dried Food bags that is the reason I have all That food I need food security of some Sort so it de-stresses me to know I have A Year's worth of food put away for my Family and there are many different Reasons for that in the video that I Shared showing our pantry I said we were Not Preppers there's just no way we're Preppers but with the messages I Received and with me looking more into It I have realized that we are prepping To some degree when I think of prepping Or Preppers I think of worst case Scenario I think of people with their Bug out bags ready for a natural Disaster ready for everything that comes At them maybe they're digging a bunker Maybe they have walls of you know Freeze-dried food ready for I don't know 2060. those are the sort of extreme Preppers that most people think about When they talk about prepping but that Is definitely not us I think in some Ways prepping is just an extension of Homesteading because when people used to Homestead they used to save their food For winter and for Beyond because they Didn't know when they would get that Food again again we're talking about Food security here it's a form of Prepping and and I really do believe That prepping and homesteading are very Similar in so many ways with

Homesteading I'm trying to figure out a Lot of different things I'm trying to Figure out how I can save water that Falls from the sky so that I can then Water my garden with that water I'm Trying to figure out how to use gray Water I'm trying to figure out how to Use things in different ways so that I'm Just using the same item all the time or As much as possible so Dual Purpose Items I'm trying to figure out how best To lay out my garden and other things in My garden so that it works and makes Sense and if we ever do get bigger Property I'm going to be figuring out How to do that on a much bigger scale And hopefully be able to do a lot more Prepping is about survivalism you want To be a Survivor homesteading I find is In the same vein you want to be a Survivor you want your homestead to work You want it to work for you you want to Create and save as much food from your Homestead as possible and I find it just Works naturally with prepping which kind Of stems into what I think about Preppers in general or at least some Preppers when it comes to myself I know That I am attracted to some of the Facets of prepping because I had to Survive at a young age when you have a Sort of environment as a child where you Have to think about surviving I think it Does something to your brain I think it

Becomes comfortable normal for you to Survive and so when you are in Situations where you need to survive Something just kicks in because it's Your normal it's what you're used to That feeling of having to survive is Familiar it's comfortable it is normal And so when you are placed in situations Where you have to survive or it's an Emergency situation It's it's normal it is like a Comfortable sort of zone for you or at Least I'm applying this to me this is What how I am in emergency situations I Am the calm one it's like everything Blocks out in my brain I can just focus On the situation it doesn't matter how You know distressing it is I can just Focus on it because You become used to that situation And um in prepping honestly the reason Why I am so into food security is Because I grew up in a food's insecure Sort of way and when that happens to you It makes you as an adult try to seek out A better situation for yourself so I Know that I prep in some aspects because Of what happened to me as a kid and so I Think that maybe there are other people Who do that as well it's their comfort Zone and that can work for you in some Instances and in some instances it can Work against you so it's really I think Important to analyze yourself sometimes

And figure out why you do things and for What reason so in my case it's great That I can like shut things off in Emergency situations and just focus but In other cases I am trying to work Towards feeling okay and having food Security and that means I have to have About a year's supply worth of food in My house so that I know my kids and my Family are okay no matter what I think For some people it's a very fine line to Tread because I know some people who Start to hoard food and I don't believe In hoarding food I believe in sharing Food so I just try to keep on hand Enough for a year's supply and that is It I have a cut off for myself but I Also want to keep food on hand because In any situation I would want to share With my community so that's important to Me this is actually talked about a lot In prepping groups which I do read I do Like to read as much as possible and I Do read a lot of prepping literature and Go into the groups and read stuff when I Want to but the aspect of being an Individual in a situation is talked About a lot a lot of people think that They can go out and bug out in the Middle of the woods and that they're Going to survive whereas I really think It's going to be about a community of People it's about the tribal aspect that Is how you survive your community your

Tribe that is how we have survived for Thousands of years but in our current Time frame we are frequently seeing Social isolation deem The New Normal it Is normal to only talk to people on the Internet it is normal not to have any Friends it is normal for families to be Isolated because they have moved far Away from extended families there is no Village and this increasing sense of Isolation where people are islands is Not supposed to work and so bugging out In the middle of the forest is not going To work for you in the long term it Won't because it has not been Demonstrated to work in the past but Anyways I believe in community I believe In community and community supported Agriculture Community trading Community Is your everything if something were to Happen people have to help other people That is what makes us human that is Empathy and that is the only way you Survive but going back into are we Preppers I guess in some aspects we are Preppers I mean I do read a lot about Prepping but again I find it goes hand In hand with homesteading we also keep On hand battery packs we have quite a Few of them and you can basically charge The battery packs with the power of the Sun so it works out and then we can plug In our cell phones if we have to to get Charged we also have one that is

Powerful enough for us to plug in our Freezers if there is a power outage and I find it's kind of funny to be talking About homesteading or prepping when we Live in an urban area we're very lucky To have a size backyard that we do but We do get frequent power outages where We live because they are building around Us we will eventually be in the middle Of a suburb eventually probably about 10 Years 15 years from now we will be in The mid middle of a suburb and currently The amount of power being taken from the Grid is not enough to support all the Homes on the grid so the power goes out Frequently for great lengths of time a Lot of our neighbors have generators Because of this and so we just plug in Our freezers into our battery pack Powered by the sun I wanted to mention That because I have been asked Extensively and told extensively that we Will lose all our food in our freezers If the power went out and so why bother Freezing anything I freeze because it Makes sense to us it's really really Quick to freeze food especially when I Am doing so much gardening and doing so Much preserving it is probably the Easiest way I can preserve anything just Popping it in the freezer and so saving That food is definitely up there for us And so plugging those freezers in makes A big difference worst case scenario we

Would plug in those freezers for a while Take them off then plug them in again Hoping that it would be enough for at Least a few weeks of doing that Especially if it was cold outside we Might be able to make it but yes we live In an area where the grid is not stable It is overburdened at this point I think That that is true for a lot of areas Especially if they do not fix how the Grid is supporting that area So it's something we think about we Don't necessarily have to prep for a Natural disaster in our area we do get Tornadoes once in a while but there's Nothing you can really do about that Besides again having food on hand and we Don't have a basement we just have a Crawl space so we would just crawl into The crawl space but that is pretty much It sometimes we get flash flooding There's not much you can do for that Besides have a good Culvert system and You know sandbag it I guess but there's Not a lot of natural disasters that can Happen to us where we currently are I Hope that this video answered that Question enough I hope it kind of makes Sense if it doesn't make sense to you it Doesn't really have to because it makes Sense to us and to me And everyone has to do what works for Them let me know down below what you Think of prepping do you prep do you

Prep for a natural disaster do you prep For another reason let me know get dirty Stay magical peace bye