What’s in My Pantry & Fridge?! Low Waste/ Plant-based

Prolong the Life of Your Septic Tank

How can YOU prolong the life of your septic tank? First things first and this is the main one and best form I know and one you can’t do yourself. Get a yearly septic tank emptying service done on your tank as this is still and probably always will be the best cost effective way of prolonging the life of your septic tank system.

How to Get the Best Bang Out Your Portable Fire Pit

Many people prefer a portable fire pit to a permanent pit. A permanent fire pit is dug in the ground. It is physically exerting and takes time to build.

Heavily Contaminated Soil: Remediation Methods That Won’t Work

If the mineral analysis on your backyard has shown alarming levels of lead, petroleum, solvents, or pesticides, it’s time for drastic measures. Simple and do-it-yourself remediation will not be enough to ensure that these life-threatening contaminants do not reach your plants, pets, or loved ones. When you find your home at risk, the three C’s of garden soil remediation should be reevaluated and possibly scrapped.

How to Prevent Weeds From Growing in Your Garden

One of the major difficulties faced by those who are just starting out in gardening is fighting weeds. These unwanted plants can grow anywhere, but they seem to have a special preference for growing right in the spaces that were originally intended for your garden plants.

The Soil Remediation Process: Getting To The Root Of The Problem

Broadly defined, the causes of soil contamination can be grouped into two categories: human activity and natural forces. The big shift to industrialized economies paired with human movement contributed to the degradation of usable land. Natural occurrences on the other hand, altered the current terrain through excessive rain, flood or erosion.

Solar Chargers for Multipurpose Utility

A solar charger converts solar energy into electricity using the principal of photo-electric effect. With the help of an array of solar cells, one can charge a lead acid or Ni-Cd battery to the extent of 48 volts and over 400 ampere hours of capacity. Small portable models are employed to charge mobile phones, cell phones, iPods and other portable electronic equipments. These portable, lightweight solar chargers/panels use thin film panels having 10% efficiency or much more efficient noncrystalline panels which elevates efficiency up to 20%.

Potpourri With Its Various Benefits

Potpourri includes a combination of oils, leaves, flowers, and various other products based on plants. They are often used to produce a specific or general fragrance in a room. The scent mainly depends on the materials used in making the potpourri.

Evolution of Potpourri From Historic to Modern Times

Potpourri can be termed as a mixture of dried out plant materials with a strong natural fragrance but will sometimes contain imitation scents as well. Potpourri is commonly used for providing a pleasing and mesmerizing scent from natural materials and is most commonly used indoors in residential areas and homes. Potpourri is not commonly used outdoors.

Go Green With Bamboo Home Decor

Bamboo is a fast growing and durable alternative to wood. Because it is a rapidly renewable resource, bamboo has become wildly popular for use in eco friendly products. While a harvested tree can take decades to regrow, bamboo can grow back in a fraction of the time.

Solar Panels for Electricity for the Home

There are a lot of benefits with solar panels for home use. Your house get a higher resale value. People are willing to pay more money for your house because of the amount of money they save on electricity bills. It’s also a big hype to “go green” nowadays. Most people that have solar panels for electricity for the home save at least 75% in electricity expenses.

Solar Panels A Safe Investment Option

The green sources of energy are the most sustainable resources for energy production. These renewable energy sources can be used over and over and does not cause any environmental pollution. Among the alternate sources, solar energy is becoming more popular as it has many positive factors.

The Increasing Significance of Solar Panels

The basic use of a solar panel is in the generation of electricity for commercial as well as non-commercial purposes. This source of energy is economical and eco friendly as compared to the other sources of the energy.

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