What I wish I knew BEFORE going VEGAN

Is PV Solar Power a Viable Option for You, the Homeowner?

When deciding where solar panels are right for you and your area there are many considerations to take into account. Solar panels can be an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint and even eliminate your electric bills. With government incentives available there are many options to further reduce the initial cost of installing Solar panels and PV systems.

Tips For Nurturing Plants With Structured Water – The Life Force On A Cellular Level

I’ll never be as funny as Christopher Walken was in the SNL skit “Gardening Tips From The Man Who is Afraid Of Plants”, Nevertheless I love Gardening just the same. Here is my gardening article of the week.

All Your Lawn Care Considerations

Proper lawn care can involve many different aspects. It can include proper watering, weed control, fertilization, cutting and grooming, aeration, and rolling for keeping it level and free from dips and high spots.

Interesting Facts About Wind Energy

Wind Energy has already become common throughout the world and capacity is steadily increasing, which not only results in much lower energy bills for millions of people worldwide, but more importantly is helping to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels,which is a major cause of global warming. Over the last 5 years rapid improvements both in Wind Turbine manufacture as well as their efficiency,have contributed to making wind power a very cost effective alternative to conventional energy sources. The large scale commercial wind farms would obviously benefit most from these savings, but even for the individual home owner,Wind Energy can bring about a substantial saving in their power costs..

Switch to Reusable Bags to Protect the Earth and Nature

With a ban on the use of plastic bags, reusable bags have come into limelight. The prohibition of using plastic bags is due to the response achieved by environmentalists across the globe to save planet earth. As plastic does not decompose, it poses a greater threat to mankind and can cause serious environmental pollution, which will have no solution in the end.

Getting a Rain Water Tank

We often take our water needs for granted. However, I feel it is much easier to live without electricity than without a constant water supply. Just think about it! You need water for a lot of your basic needs that you take for granted like bathing, washing, cooking, drinking, cleaning or sometimes even keeping yourself cool or hot.

Yard Maintenance Can Hurt Your Back

The cause may be snow removal, yard maintenance, a fall, or improper lifting. Whatever the cause, many of us experience back pain or strain at some point in our lives. In fact, approximately 80% of adults suffer from some sort of lower back injury throughout their lifetime.

The Advantages Of Using Artificial Topiary Trees

Decorating your home with potted plants is a great idea because it livens up the room. The only problem is that decorating your home with real plants takes a lot of commitment. Real live plants may look good but you need to give it a lot of attention so that they stay that way. You need to water them on a regular basis and take them outside for some sunshine from time to time. You also need to make sure that the temperature is just right for the plants.

Getting Involved in Green Energy

Traditional energy sources such as petroleum-based products, coal and natural gas rise in cost as supplies vary with seasons and availability. People look for ways to lower costs and to find less expensive energy and ways to save valuable natural resources. Here are some tips to help you realize these goals.

Go Green With Solar Lights for Your Garden

Do you want to save precious electricity and get most out of natural resource freely? We are here to provide you an environmental friendly resource to shed lights in your home and garden with Solar Powered Lights. Get details on how it works? Its benefits, and which one to choose for lightning your garden.

Simple Steps To Starting Your Own Organic Garden

Having your own organic garden is a wish of many people, and it is also a very smart decision to make. Organic garden will allow you to eat natural food and will be on reach to you from your back yard. You will avoid consummation of synthetic fertilizers, additives, hormones and pesticides.

How Can My Home Benefit From Water Treatment Services?

Whether you get your water from a municipal water supply or a well, it may not be as pure as you’d like. Bring in a water treatment company to ensure that your water is clean, soft, and safe.

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