What I Eat in a Day: Clearance Food Finds! (plant-based)

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Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] S today we're eating hummus Garden toast Oh what's on this spring onions lettuce From the garden hummus toast Hummus toast all right looks pretty good On our new and improved sliding scale For a breakfast hummus toast I would give it a good 7.5 it's missing Like a I don't know a sauce of some sort I Don't know You have pickle juice in your honest I'm sure I do we found a butterfly Outside today it's really cold out and This one is missing a leg That really likes Galaxy [Music] We're biking to pick up flash food at The store Yay and don't worry I am wearing a Helmet Today I am riding the m81 electric bike By ad motor and they make many other Electric bikes just like it but this one Is pretty cool it has lots of cargo Space as you can see back here we use it To stick our kids on Stick our groceries

On anything that we want to pick up Whatever that we need lots of cargo Space for it it has a 750 watt motor in The rear which is pretty awesome lots of Power And I'm able to get roughly 100 miles on This thing with the battery by itself Which is incredible this was gifted To Us by ad motor and we are having a low Defund with this thing with our family If the kids are enjoying it it's been a Blast despite me looking funny in this Helmet I did want to add one more point The bike does have a 350 pound payload Capacity so I can carry just about Anything on it that I will need to Including myself we are now on our way To get some flash food at the store and Then head back home because it's getting Cold outside And cauliflower and some of my favorites Very good butchers thanks all right we Just got home I am drinking some really Really hot lemon balm tea from my garden Super good way to warm up it also scored Some cranberries on clearance so this is Maple syrup cranberries and cinnamon in A pot that I'm going to boil down and It's going to be oh so tasty this is Basically cranberry sauce and I love Cranberry sauce so much I make it and Eat it just out of bowls all the time Especially when I find them on clearance I really outdid myself on lunch today it

Looks like a mini Thanksgiving meal Which is kind of cool so this is lunch Today I got this cauliflower on Clearance at Flash Food I got this vegan Steak on clearance at Flash Food got These cranberries on clearance so I made Cranberry sauce so I have cauliflower With homemade vegan buffalo sauce on top The vegan steak cranberry sauce I made Mashed potatoes that have some vegan Butter on top that have my garlic that I Grew this year from the garden so yeah Kind of a bit of a Thanksgiving lunch Today This is a mushroom gravy that I made out Of some Lobster mushrooms that we Dehydrated put in some salt we boil it Down and mixed in a little bit of Potatoes onion powder and that's pretty Much it Is [Music] We're going on a walk and we are Bringing snacks with us we have a baggie Filled with freeze-dried bananas we buy Bananas on clearance and we freeze dry Them Foreign I don't know about all of you but my Favorite season is summer closely Followed by fall [Music] Ing yeah Andy just found a ton

Of rose hips These are great to pick especially after The first Frost the bigger the rose hip The better I find especially when you Dehydrate them Foreign We just got back from our walk and this Is one of the last zucchinis from the Garden this year so I'm going to be Chopping this up I have leftover Chickpeas that I already boiled from the Other day because I had to make hummus That's why we had hummus toast and so I Also have leftover squash potato carrot Soup and so I'm going to mix everything Together and make rice and then I'm Gonna have a ton of leftovers to use Tomorrow Joseph reminded me that I Should show you one of my biggest Zucchinis this year from the garden this Was a total accident This one so big like look at that I Should do a banana for scale I don't Know if we have bananas Joseph is Bringing me a banana for scale look at That It's pretty big Just mixing this up this is chickpeas Zucchini squash soup I have some onion In here as well and I have some roasted Red pepper and I have some Tomatoes Dried tomatoes all right it's the end of The day here I have my pressure cooker Going with my rice in it and I love

Pressure cookers and I say this all the Time because I can forget about it I can Put beans or my rice in and just forget About it for a while and honestly Because I cook so much for my family of Five and everything is pretty much Handmade except for like a handful of Clearance vegan junk food from the store Which is a treat I make everything by Hand at home and so the pressure cookers Really help me out when I have to make a Lot of food anyways sitting outside for A few minutes while my rice is cooking In the pressure cooker so I thought I Would mention that I do have my annual Video coming up you may know which one I'm talking about it's a sustainable Gift guide that I do every single year This year I listen to you all I am doing It it before the U.S Thanksgiving and so That will be coming out very very soon So yes just a heads up about that Because I listened and now instead of Releasing it very close to Christmas I Actually give you time to go check out What I show you so I listened really Well before dinner I'm gonna go for Another ride because I've been having a Lot of fun on this this is the m81 cargo Bike by ad motor can haul your kids haul Your groceries or whatever you want There's lots of space and it's a really Good ride so go check it out link is in The description enjoy

Foreign There's a supper tonight we're having Leftover cauliflower we have this Chickpea vegetable stuff that I made and We have rice What are we eating chickpeas vegetables Good for you Steph healthy food it does Have a certain healthy taste to it I'm gonna give it a rating It does taste pretty healthy so I'm Going to say how the healthy scale is Probably like a seven to eight On the junk food scale though has got to Be like a four Not supposed to be junk food And it doesn't taste like junk food Did get junk food today though you had Your very good butchers vegan steak That's true but I've had completely Different meals how does that count get Dirty Sticky [Music]