This Woman Built 17 Gardens for Her Community and Isn’t Stopping!

Natural Cleaners For Bathrooms – Why Switching Should Be A No-Brainer

The hardest thing to clean in your bathroom is soap scum and limescale. Aggressive scrubbing barely makes a difference. So most people resort to deadly chemical force. And there are plenty of noxious cleaning products for sale at your local grocery store. They come in a variety of forms: Abrasive, Chlorine bleach and Sulfamic acid.

Your Guide to Trimming and Pruning Fruit Trees

If you have fruit trees on your property, pruning them regularly can help them bear more fruit. Some fruit trees appreciate different pruning techniques than others. Here’s a general guide to taking care of what feeds you!

Where to Buy a Hammock and What to Look For

Unless you’re living in a resort town or happen to get lucky at a flea market you’re unlikely to find a store that sells quality hammocks nearby. And the few hammocks that are sold in big box retail stores tend to be the uncomfortable and awkward American rope variety with spreader bars.

A Green Lawn: Reducing Water Waste

The Environmental Protection Agency reported that landscape irrigation accounts for almost one-third of all residential water usage, adding up to millions of gallons of water per year. By utilizing recycled water on plants that require less water than a lawn, you can save a least a few gallons. Reducing your water consumption is good for your budget, your yard and the environment.

Enjoying Your Garden With a Winter of Colourful Berries With Some Choice Plants to Use

It’s easy to think that at the end of the summer we just put the garden to bed and wait for those early signs of spring when the bulbs start poking through cold earth. But after summer the garden comes to life again with a final crop of apples and autumn raspberries in the vegetable garden and ornamental trees and shrubs that give a sparkle of colour before winter really sets in. The star performers are those trees that keep their berries for the longest time.

Rainwater Harvesting – What Is It?

Water is so important to all of us and we use it everyday. We cook, clean and drink it. Without water we could not survive. Our article explains what rainwater harvesting is and how it can benefit you.

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Building

Caring for the environment is a very important topic nowadays. Whereas 20 years ago, our efforts were considerably simpler (reduce, reuse, and recycle), today we see the principles of environmentalism permeating every facet of our lives. Eco-friendly building is just one more example of how we endeavour to limit our negative impact on our natural surroundings. Still, green construction is more than a passing fad; architects and builders alike are specializing in eco-friendly building principles in order to develop sustainable projects in order to limit our material and energy consumption. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of environmental, economic, and social benefits of eco-friendly building.

Benefits of Green Cleaning

Green cleaning is an increasingly popular trend. As we learn more cost-effective ways to implement green cleaning, it is becoming the go-to method for both commercial and residential buildings. Not only does green cleaning limit the impact we have on our natural surroundings, but it also reduces many harmful effects associated with traditional cleaning chemicals. A wealth of research highlights the fact that cleaning chemicals can have a negative impact on human health including eye, skin, and respiratory irritation; and traditional chemical cleaning products are also associated with harmful effects on the environment. From healthier homes and offices to cost and understanding of the products, there are many benefits of green cleaning.

Toxic Cleaning Products – What Toxic Cleaning Products We Must Eliminate From Our Homes?

Since most of us spend the vast majority of our time indoors, we need to make sure that our home is not affecting our health in a negative way. Unfortunately, in almost every single room in our house, there are some products containing toxic chemicals. Those products can affect our health in many ways and we should be considering finding more eco-friendly replacements for them.

Living the Green Energy Home Dream

Green energy technology has gone through a large array of advancements and due to those advancements, more and more people are able to take advantage of green energy in their home. By “going green” you are not losing anything at all.

Aspartame – Sweet or Sour?

Aspartame is the fake sugar in so many foods we eat. But it is linked to numerous health issues yet is very hard to diagnose. Learn what to look for and how to avoid Aspartame Toxicity.

Natural Water Harvesting Is the Way to Go

Cut your water expenses more than half! Growing into an adult means that you get chased by plenty of unwanted responsibilities. This article will help you deal with one of them better.

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