The Food Forest Movement is Spreading Across Europe!

How to Use Less Electricity in Your Kitchen

Energy prices are constantly increasing and so consumers have to look to try and save money. Energy prices are not going to come down, but the kitchen is a major source of household energy usage and therefore there is scope to make savings here.

Healthy Choices With All Natural Laundry Detergent

As the world looks to avoid chemical additives and the detrimental effect that they have on our health and the environment, it is important to recognize the products that can be made all-natural while not limiting their usefulness. All natural and organic laundry detergents contain no bleach, chlorine, dyes, or other harmful chemicals- yet they still effectively remove dirt and stains while keeping fabrics fresh and bright.

Green Cleaning – Eco Friendly Solutions and Products

Most of us are unaware of the number of household cleaners that are very toxic and have a harmful effect on our environment. Luckily, there are some products we can purchase right at our local stores that can help us use a greener and smarter product to clean our homes.

Save Money By Using HomeMade Energy

When Bill Ford reached the point of being tired of paying the high cost of energy, he began to take action. This 52-year-old from California created the website, providing millions of people just like himself about the ways in which natural resources can be used for energy. Along with the website, Ford wrote two detailed guides regarding renewable energy, which is truly valuable.

Water Saving Tips – How To Conserve Water

Water is life. It is needed for all facets of life and we need to do everything that is possible to conserve the precious amounts that we have. Being aware of our water consumption is important for our environment and our future.

How to Conserve Water and Lower Utility Bills

For many homeowners and individuals, water use isn’t monitored. For people using water from a public utility, the water usage for a single 4 person home can be over $100 a month. Many people in rural areas use well water, which can be expensive too.

Water Awareness: Household Tips That Conserve Water

Are you aware of the amount of water you use daily? The amount of water used by the average family in the United States today has increased dramatically from what it was 40 years ago.

Xeriscaping: A Simple Way to Drastically Reduce Your Water Consumption

The California water crisis has been in the news a lot lately, leaving many residents wondering what they can do to help conserve water. While there are many water saving tips available, one that is commonly overlooked is converting your yard to native California vegetation, a practice known as xeriscaping.

Make Your Home Greener To Save Yourself Some Green

Making more environmentally friendly choices is a good idea for more than one reason. Not only does it conserve valuable resources, it also saves you valuable money. Here are some tips for making your home greener and for lowering your monthly bills.

How To Stop the Spread of Cold and Flu Viruses at Home Naturally

Learn how easy it can be to fight the spread of cold and flu viruses in the home in safe and natural ways. Follow these green and inexpensive tips to keep your family healthy during this cold and flu season, without exposing them to harsh and toxic chemicals.

Maintenance for Your Bermuda Grass

Bermuda grass, also known as Dog’s Tooth Grass, is a very popular choice for grass because it is pretty easy to maintain and care for. Bermuda grass is a perennial grass native to tropical regions; it loves the hot sun.

Green Spoon

Environmental consciousness has become higher in recent years because of so many arising threats to our health and the survival of our own planet. People become vegetarians not only for the sole reason that it is one of the healthiest diet plans but for more.

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