The Food Forest Movement is Spreading Across Europe!

Why Solar Energy?

We must acknowledge that If we do not consider the high price of solar energy, then it is far better than any traditional energy. It saves money, is environment friendly, has no maintenance cost, gives reduced dependence on fossil fuels, and a lot of government incentives are also being provided to promote solar power.

Recycling Old Furniture

Do you take old furniture to the town landfill site? Recycling preserves forests and habitats. Deforestation is becoming a big global issue, so it’s important for everyone to think about what is already available out there before buying new.

LED Light Bulbs – Much Better Than Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

As we’re well into the 21st. century, we’re making major progress, especially in the medical and technology industries. Unfortunately, it’s at a price.

Solar Power – Do You Need It?

Many consumers are not availing themselves to the benefits of solar energy because everyone around them is stating that it is too expensive, you don’t want it. Or it will take too long to get paid back, you don’t want it. Or, it won’t save you that much, you don’t want it. There are many advantages to such a system.

Energy Star – What It Means to You!

By now everyone has seen the Energy Star logo on many different appliances. What this means to the consumer is a confidence that the appliance with the Energy Star logo will run more efficiently than those who don’t have the logo.

The Importance Of Healthy Home Ventilation

Many people may be interested to know that an improved sense of well being, and better health can be enjoyed through the installation of a healthy home ventilation system. By keeping humidity and mildew from causing problems through the use of proper home ventilation, a person can prevent certain chronic health issues from occurring. Appropriate ventilation should not be overlooked by architects when they are designing a new home.

Ventilation Systems for Reducing Mold in Your Home

Ventilation systems for reducing mold in your home can help to prevent you from getting sick. When you have been dealing with allergies for long periods of time, it is very likely that you have a mold problem in your home. When this is the case, you will have to take action in order to avoid suffering.

Best Tips for a Healthy Home

You’d be surprised to find out just how much your living environment affects your health and general well being. There are lots of toxins and chemicals that over time, grow to be more harmful than beneficial to your health. These toxins become trapped in your home and re-circulated.

Disposable Consumerism in the Modern World

Modern consumerism is a trap that far too many fall into. With Black Friday coming soon, avoid the scams that will only steal away your own personal liberty.

Exactly What Is Green Home Building?

We hear about “green” home building all the time, but few of us actually know what the standard really means. We break down the basic “green home building” philosophy and methods for you.

How Home Ventilation Systems Can Ensure That You Have Clean, Fresh Air In Your Home All Year Round

Most people try to freshen the air in their homes by keeping them open as much as possible so that the air can flow from outside through the house, but this is not always possible with the changing seasons – the weather is sometimes either too hot or too cold to keep the windows and doors open all the time. However, by installing home ventilation systems in houses, this problem is remedied very quickly. Mechanical systems work by removing the polluted air from inside the house, and exchanging it with clean, fresh air that it brings in from outside…

Healthy Home Ventilation Can Keep You Sane and Happy

You can enjoy better health and an improved sense of well being through healthy home ventilation. By keeping mildew and humidity at bay through effective home ventilation, you can prevent chronic illnesses and health issues. Architects should not overlook the aspect of proper ventilation while designing a new house.

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