Simple and Sustainable Living in My 100 Square Foot Tiny House

Positive Features of a Log Cabin in Summer

Log cabins have become quite popular over the years, and people look to them when designing residential as well as vacation homes. For an extended period, people built log cabins in areas such as Scandinavia and other countries soon followed suit on seeing the benefits accrued from such structures.

These 100% Eco-Friendly Pots And Pans Are Healthy Too

Green cooking is the need of the hour but are all cookware labeled ‘green’ are really eco-friendly? What makes a cookware eco-friendly? Read this article about the 3 important aspects of any eco-friendly product and the cookware that checks them all!

These Clay Cooking Pots Cook Non-Toxic, Nutritious Food & Are 100% Green

How important is what you eat? If you are a person who knows the significance food has for your body and mind, you also need to know the importance of cooking it the right way. In this article learn the art and science of cooking in the healthiest way. You will also learn about the time-tested benefits of clay cooking pots.

Tips for Your Potted Plants to Enjoy Summer

Factoring in seasonal changes is essential for any home gardener. Just as we humans adapt our clothing, location, room temperature, etc., to beat the heat of the summer, there are certain adaptations necessary for your balcony garden as well.

The Many Reasons Log Cabins Are The Best

You may have heard that log cabins are really trending this year. They have been popular in the past, but never before has interest seemed to have reached such a peak. Maybe it is a backlash against the modern day McMansions and identical townhouses that are popping up all over the place. Or it could be people thinking longer term than retirement, considering generational aspects of passing down property to their family. Whatever the case, it has never been a better time to get a log cabin. But there are many reasons that they are awesome. Here are some reasons to consider getting your own.

Disposable Palm Leaf Tableware

Are you READY TO GO GREEN? Disposable palm leaf tableware helps you to go green. Available at an affordable price, these palm leaves are the most eco-friendly and also the fitting choice for parties and weddings, as well as for any other events where food is served. These plates attract one and all as it comes in unique shapes. It doesn’t matter whether you serve two courses or six — disposable palm leaf tableware can handle them all in style. All varieties of food, sides, dessert can be served with elan in these plates.

Is Your Food Killing You?

The US food crops receive more than 300 million pounds of glyphosate each year. Glyphosate is sold as RoundUp. Learn how our food supply is full of weed killers and what you may do to avoid it.

Why Are Specialty Surfactants So Special?

What makes a specialty surfactants so special? Is it the better performance? Do they also have other uses?

Choosing Green Cookware? Pure-Clay Cookware Is the Best Option, Here’s Why?

Looking for green cookware that’s also healthy? This All-Natural cookware made from pure-clay meets these criteria 100%. Read more to find out how.

Eco-Friendly Ways to Brighten Your Home

The 21st century has definitely seen a rise in the level of awareness regarding environmental conservation and sustainability. From efficient waste disposal to water conservation, everybody is looking for ways to make sure that the earth stays green. But, if you are still wondering if switching off the lights when not in use is enough on your part, then think again.

How to Properly Prepare Your Log Cabin for Winter

Winter is coming (no, that isn’t a Game of Thrones reference) and it is time to start getting that lovely log cabin of yours ready for the bad weather around the corner. Wooden houses are awesome as they are high value, beautiful, sturdy and a dream home for many. Unfortunately they require a bit more maintenance than the average house does, given the materials used to build it. Before the snow starts to fall, make sure you have gotten these things struck off your Winter preparation checklist.

Tips For Living In a Wooden House In Winter

Wooden houses are pretty much made for Winter. Think about it: a nice, roaring fire in the fireplace. Snow falling softly outside. A twinkling Christmas tree in the corner. Everyone sipping on hot cocoa and singing carols. It is an image that is deeply engrained in the consciousness of many and for good reason. But you don’t have to rent a ski cabin to get that feeling. You can find it in your own log cabin, a gorgeous and valuable bit of real estate that is perfect for anyone who wants that serenity and calm all year long. Wooden houses take a bit more care through the year. So here is what you need to know before you buy your own log cabin, so it will be ready once the weather turns cold.

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