Self Sufficiency: Is Freeze Drying Worth It? 🧐

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Hello you beautiful Rebels and welcome Back to another video in today's video We are talking about how we freeze dry Food why we do it all that good stuff Let's go it has been so cold outside but I went outside this morning and I Harvested lemon balm that's frozen Because you know it still makes really Good tea so I'm drinking frozen lemon Balm tea and it's good but I know you're Not here to listen to me talk about the Weather why do we freeze dry even though We live in an urban area in Suburbia and Even though we don't have the homestead Of our dreams we do as much as we Possibly can to be as self-sufficient as Possible and that involves a lot of food Security I've shown in past videos what We grow what our garden looks like what We preserve how we do it what our pantry Looks like what goes into our pantry and What we buy for it I've shown all that Good stuff in terms of growing food and Preserving it I have saved my family Thousands of dollars this past year Doing that and I will make a video Pretty soon trying to break down exactly How much we've saved because it's a lot Of money I can I freeze I ferment I Pickle I dehydrate I dry and I freeze Dry some people can get confused about The difference between dehydrating and Freeze drying dehydrating removes about 80 to 95 of the moisture content out of

The item that you're dehydrating whereas Freeze drying removes 98 99 of the moisture content with Dehydrated food because the moisture Hasn't been completely sucked out of the Food items it doesn't last as long it Only lasts I'd say four months to five Years and that really really depends on How properly dehydrated the item is so If you are at 80 it's just not going to Last as long whereas if you're more at The 95 mark it should last about five Years depending on how it's stored with Dehydrated food it really comes down to How well you have dehydrated that item And how well it's stored and that goes For all food food is only going to stay As good as you keep it so if you're Keeping it in a cool dry spot It's going to last a bit longer whereas With freeze-dried food it's good for 25 30 years maybe even a bit longer really Depends on how well you've cared for it And how well it's been stored and that Comes down to the fact that freeze Drying sucks out more moisture than Dehydration does so we try to consume All the dehydrated food in about a year After I preserve it and we do that not Only because I have more food coming out Of the garden that needs to be preserved And dehydrated we do that just to make Sure things taste good and we consume Food we preserve besides the

Freeze-dried items within about a two Year mark of preserving them maximum but Back to what we're talking about we Freeze dry a lot of what comes out of Our garden we also freeze dry a lot of What I forage so I forage mushrooms and Things like that so we have a lot of Freeze-dried mushrooms which is pretty Awesome that we can eat at any time and I don't really have to worry about them Going off and in terms of dehydration But on top of that and I've talked about This in other videos I will buy cases of Bananas or food items that are on Clearance that I don't grow can't grow Bananas and so I buy them and we freeze Dry them I constantly get asked is it Worth it is everything I do with all the Work I put into preserving growing food Hunting down clearance items freeze Drying dehydrating canning is it worth It let's get into a freeze drying is Worth it when I look at how much it Costs for freeze-dried food items on the Internet It's definitely worth it to do things Yourself you are paying for convenience Most of the time when you are buying a Convenience food item you are paying for The convenience of not having to do it Yourself is it worth your time is really Something you have to ask yourself it is Worth it for us to freeze dry ourselves It is worth it for me to pull produce

Out of the garden clean it chop it up And put it in the freeze dryer it is Worth it for me to find really cheap Clearance bananas chop them up and put Them in the freeze dryer so let's just Take a quick look at the internet to Find out how much freeze-dried bananas Cost if I conveniently just buy them and Don't have to do the work so I'm in Canada so it may look a little bit Different for people in the states or Wherever you are in the world but here In Canada I can buy One can of freeze-dried bananas 480 Grams for 63.95 And I can tell you right now it does not Cost me 63.95 to freeze dry for 180 grams worth Of bananas honestly we probably consume 480 grams worth of bananas in a snack Sitting with just my kids and I and so It does not cost 63.95 I'm not taking in account the cost Of the other parts if something breaks Down or the cost of the freeze dryer but Even if I broke down that cost just off The top of my head it is not going to Cost me 63.95 to get a can of freeze-dried Bananas and considering how long my Freeze dryer is going to last how much Produce I'm saving out of my garden how Much I'm saving in terms of shopping Clearance produce and freeze drying it

How long it's going to last when I store It When you take that all into account I Personally find the cost of owning a Freeze dryer Worth it we just preserve that much food That is in use all the time of course This is going to vary by person you may Not want to preserve as much as we do You may not want to do that work if You're only freeze drying once in a While it may not be worth it but for our Family it is and so now because I got Asked this I will show you how we use Our freeze dryer and what goes into Making it run all right so we're doing Bananas today and we're going to chop These up and pop them in the freeze Dryer [Music] So we're basically taking a waste Product this would have ended up in the Dumpster at the grocery store it would Have been in the garbage it would went To a dump not great we're taking this Because we got it on clearance and Making food that we can preserve and It'll last a long time for us and we do This for food security we do this Because we can easily take our Freeze-dried food camping or hiking with Us we do this because it makes great Snacks honestly it's it's a fun way of Preserving food that would otherwise go

Bad very quickly in our home so we are In our garage and this is our stay fresh Freeze dryer you can check it out in the Link in the description Foreign Our bananas in here Kind of looks like a vault So there's a bunch of buttons here it's Super easy though I'm just going to Touch freeze drying and then I'm going To press start and there we go if you Want a video with me explaining why we Didn't go with the Harvest right instead Went with a stay fresh freeze dryer let Me know I'll make that video we now just Have to wait 24 hours and those bananas Will be freeze-dried [Music] Thank you [Music] And that is it for today's video I hope I answered all your questions but if you Have more please leave them down below In the comments and I'll do my best to Answer them get dirty stay magical piece Bye