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How “Going Green” Can Increase the “Green” in Corporate Pocketbooks

Adopting eco-friendly, green policies will permit companies to grow in a tightly competitive global marketplace, as well as driving them to new heights of technological innovation. Here are some ways that a business can go green and grow their profit margin, too.

Challenges Faced By Solar Energy Use

Solar energy can easily be harnessed. But still, we are not seeing a massive use of this free energy. Despite the fact that efficient solar panels have been developed, the number of homes and establishments using solar energy for electrical power is still significantly lower as compared to those using electricity coming from the grid.

Building Vs Buying – The Solar Panel Debate

When building your own solar panel, many people would weigh up the pros and cons before deciding whether to; make a panel, buy a panel or scrap the idea completely. Many people in the past have been doing the last option and just scraping the idea of becoming a more energy friendly household. But in modern times with oil prices at record highs and people generally more concerning about the environment, the idea of homemade renewable energy sources have come back around.

What Electronics Can Be Recycled?

Are you harboring loads of electronics in your closet that you can’t bear to part with “just in case” of an emergency or in hopes of putting them up for sale one day? Are you just not sure what to do with your old computer that you’re never going to use again?

Are There Specific Ways to Recycle Electronics?

Recycling is annoying and tedious but so worth it. Would you agree? If you could find a way to recycle your old broken television that’s just sitting in the basement taking up space, and not even have to leave your house, would you be interested in doing that? Well good news! There are places that you can call to pick your electronics up right from your house.

Illuminate Garden Art With Solar Accent Lights

Solar accent lights offer an affordable and attractive way to highlight your garden art while making your property safer and more secure. Why only enjoy the beauty of your garden during daylight hours when such a simple solution will light up your landscaping during the evening hours as well? Solar accent lights are easy to install, simple to use and a pleasure to enjoy.

How Solar Electric Panels Work

If you have more than a passing interest in solar energy and are thinking of investing in a home solar panel array, then you probably have a vague idea of how solar panels generate electricity. When I first started looking into “going solar”, my concept of how these systems worked was basically this: sun shines on a solar panel, causes some sort of reaction within the materials of which the panel is made, and, voila, electricity results. Exactly how sunshine goes in and electricity comes out is a bit more complicated, however….

What Are Watts?

When it comes to solar power, what are watts? How do we utilize this resource when harvesting solar power?

Help the Environment by Using Rechargeable Batteries

Using solar powered LED lights in place of traditional electric lights is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint and take that big step in providing a greener environment. So how can you make that an even bigger step? By using rechargeable batteries in all of your other household items too, like the TV remote control and the kid’s toys. Rechargeable batteries enable savings and a positive environmental impact as compared to disposable batteries. By using solar lights and rechargeable batteries where ever possible, you will help the environment and save money.

Five Ways To Make Your Appliances Greener

Nowadays, everyone’s looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Meaning, how to use less non-replacing resources and less electricity, as well as using less non-recyclable materials.

Finding Your Best Grass Seed Match

When choosing a grass seed type for your new lawn, some characteristics are probably more important to you than others. Deciding on what qualities you value most in a lawn will help eliminate several varieties, and bring you closer to your best grass seed match. Below are some of the possible considerations you might have, along with the available grass seed types you can choose from.

The Green Industry And HVAC Design – Unearthing A New Way

Nobody wants a house that’s cold in the winter and hot in the summer. This is why many people decide to have central heating and air conditioning systems installed in their homes. But while this is a common decision to make initially, how each individual homeowner proceeds will depend on their home, and how efficiently it is able to retain energy.

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