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Creating an Organic Lawn

This article will teach you how to grow and maintain a beautiful organic lawn. Using worm tea can give you a yard that will blow away your chemically treated neighbors. The first step to a beautiful lawn is making a healthy soil.

Alternate Energy Lighting

You flip the switch and get instant light. Well, you do if the power is on anyway, but what are some other ways you can light up your home?

How Going Green Can Improve Your Life

Health and wellness, environmental impact, energy consumption, the economy – these are but a few major things that have a direct effect when we choose to go green. But what are these effects that we will be getting if we make a significant change in our lifestyle? Here are some of the benefits of choosing eco-friendly materials in our day-to-day living.

Sturdy Planters for Year-Round Climates

If you would like a year-round garden, but are space-limited and live in an area that experiences significant changes in climate, there are planters available to meet your needs. Not only will you require a planter – you’ll also need to select the right type of plants, soil, and an appropriately sized planter made from a material that can withstand year-round conditions.

Will a Water Softener Be Enough For My Home or Will I Need Something Else Too?

While water softeners are great at removing hardness, they might not be adequate in all cases. In addition to hardness causing minerals, water supplies may also include larger particles such as dirt, organisms, industrial waste and more. This article tells you how you can ensure that you are getting safe water for all applications with the help of a pre-filter mechanism.

UK Government ECO Scheme Provides Free Boilers to Low Income Families

ECO is a UK Government scheme created to help households struggling to keep their homes warm and pay their fuel bills pay less, by becoming more energy efficient with free boiler grants. Under new government initiatives, low income families and individuals could also qualify for energy efficient home improvements such as a free solar panels, loft and cavity wall Insulation. To qualify, boilers typically have to be over 5 years old. Newer boilers rated A and B may also be replaced if there is a fault. Funding is not available to pay for the replacement of radiators or full central heating systems at this time.

Home Water Filtration Systems Which Can Give Your Home Clean and Clear Water

Getting clear and safe water for the home requires technological intervention as raw water is filled with lethal impurities. This article gives a brief lowdown on basic techniques used for water filtration. The author also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each system. The given information is very helpful in letting the reader decide what is best for their home.

Four Reasons to Use Recycled Building Materials

Do-it-yourself projects are a trendy way to renovate and upgrade your home. Here are some great ways recycled building materials can keep your next project cheap and sustainable!

10 Ways to Save Water at Home

The drought has the brought home the fact we need to use our water more efficiently. Here are ten ways to save water in your home.

A New Trend in Gardening: The Fairy Garden

Have you heard of those adorable Fairy gardens? They’re becoming increasingly popular and more and more people love that new addition in their house or backyard…

Create a Farmers Market in Your Front Yard

Instead of a traditional yard, why not use your space to create a farmers market just steps outside your front yard? Blueberry bushes, fruit trees, bee hives and chickens will transform your landscape into an edible paradise.

Consume Electricity Without Paying a Single Penny

The world today faces an uncertain time where there is no guarantee as to how our future will hold. The natural resources upon which we have been sustaining ourselves for so long is facing complete depletion. Nothing is unlimited in this world and sooner or later the other natural resources will eventually dry out. So, it is extremely essential to be prepared for what certainly is to come and that is exactly why today, conventional petroleum induced electricity isn’t the only option for power generation

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