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The Difference Between Purchasing and Leasing a Solar System

Hi everyone! Just some useful information on understanding the differences between leasing and purchasing a solar system for your home and/or business.

What Is the Role of Trickle Drip Irrigation in Desert Agriculture?

Irrigation – “the science of artificial application of water to the land or soil.” The first signs of irrigation, and therefore agriculture, appeared about 10,000 years ago, and the infancy of trickle drip irrigation about 6000 BC. Whereas trickle drip irrigation was once considered to be important only for desert agriculture, it is gaining popularity in semi arid and sub humid zones as well. For those parts of the earth blessed with an abundance of moisture, especially rain during the growing season, this is not an issue; since this zone is but a fraction of the total arable land on the planet, then drip is the what will make or break farming and agriculture now, and in the future.

What You Need To Know About Solar Panels

Solar panels are an ever more popular method of alternative energy sourcing, however many people do not know the full potential that can be achieved by using solar power. We have a look at typical uses for solar panels in residential and commercial buildings, but also look at alternative solar panel uses such as art.

Toilet Water Conservation: 4 Ways to Save

In the average bathroom, the majority of the water used is accounted for by the toilet. Aside from being used for common bathroom use, the toilet is also sometimes used for trash disposal, and can waste hundreds of gallons through leaks. Toilet water conservation can be accomplished with minutes to spare and a few cost-effective tools.

Three Natural Methods to Prevent Slugs in the Garden

Slugs and snails can be devastating to a home garden, especially if you are growing vegetables that you plan to eat. Follow these three natural slug prevention solutions to keep these pests away without harming your family, pets, or the planet.

Green Housing Explained

In today’s real estate market sellers and buyers are searching for new and innovative ways to help their homes appeal to the mass market. There is no doubt that the term “green” has made its way into nearly every avenue of life today and real estate is certainly not excluded from this list.

Green Living – What Goes on Inside a Solar Panel?

A solar panel is a device which converts light into electricity. They are erected on roofs or buildings which face the sun. Many scientists call these solar panels photovoltaic’s, which means in simple terms “light electricity”.

What Is Solar Thermal Energy?

Solar thermal energy is simply the technology for capturing the heat of the sun and using it to heat water. As the sun is the most abundant source of energy available to us all on earth, it makes perfect sense to use this energy to heat the water our homes use.

3 Reasons Why Solar Panel Roofs Are Beneficial

In this time and age, you’d want to save an extra dollar. Any sort of money saved – no matter how small it may be – can turn into the best move for you to have a comfortable and set future. One thing you may want to consider is saving money on electricity.

The Top 4 Myths About Recycled Water

Water is the lifeblood of any city. With this is mind, it’s no wonder that sustainable water policies are a subject of contention in everywhere and one of the best ways to stretch every drop is by recycling water. Unfortunately, rumors and misinformation have arisen around the topic.

Water Fluoridation: Four Frequently Asked Questions About Fluoride

Water fluoridation is something that has been used in most public water sources including California Water Districts for decades. Despite the obvious health benefits of this practice, certain conspiracy theorists have used this common and safe health measure to stoke unsubstantiated fears.

Best Ways You Can Conserve Water

Water is one natural resource that every person on the planet needs to survive. For that reason alone, having an abundant supply of water to go around is critical. One person cannot alone guarantee enough water for everyone.

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