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Eco Friendly Interior

There has been issue about Go Green activity for years. It gives impact in many fields of life. It also gives impacts in interior design.

Generate My Home Energy: Get Rid of The Power Company

When I set out to generate my home energy, it was because I was tired of paying ridiculous fees to the hydro company. A fee for delivery here, a surplus for that, a tax on top of that….Their fees always seemed to be going up and I could never predict what my next bill would be to be able to set aside money to cover it. Sure, I tried equal billing but then I was stuck paying $350 a month even in months when I was not home or in summer when I did not use much power at all. I wanted to be in control of my own home power so I could live self sufficiently at my lakeside home and have power even when the other cottagers` homes were dark from the unsteady hydro supply. This is how my quest to generate my home energy began. In this article, I will share how I achieved this dream and how you can do it too if you want to get rid of the power company.

Duvets and Comforters – What’s the Difference and Why Should You Care?

The word Duvet is creeping back into our modern culture. What is the difference between a duvet and a comforter and why should you care? Does the fancier name mean higher quality or is it basically the same thing?

Green Home Building Predictions for 2011

Tiger Woods will win in 2011! I love New Year’s lists… what happened and what will. I’m betting the Golf Magazine’s forecast will come true – what about Green Home Building? Eight Green Predictions

Collect Energy From The Natural Resources: Top 5 Reasons To Convert To Solar Power At Home

If you want to collect energy from the natural resources but are unsure about why you should bother going solar, this article will attempt to confirm your decision by giving you Six Great Reasons to convert to solar power at home. Take action in 2011! If you have always wanted to use the gifts of Mother Earth’s Natural Resources to power your home, do it this year! You won’t regret it!

Bamboo Sheets Vs Cotton Sheets: Which Is Really More Eco-Friendly

Sheets made from bamboo and cotton are both excellent organic alternatives in the bedroom. But how are they produced? Which option is more healthy and eco-friendly?

The Mystery Behind the Fancy Names – Organic and Other Sheets Explained

So you have made the decision to go with organically made bed sheets. But what you find instead is a hundred different fancy names. What do they mean? What exactly is thread count? How are they processed? And how does that affect your choice in organic sheets?

Reasons Why LED Growing Systems Are Becoming The Preferred Choice

Nowadays in this urbanized world most individuals live in home which lacks substantial natural light. In case you would like to get some of this natural light indoors and the deficiency of sunlight is stopping you from achieving this, then one solution is to get artificial plant lights such as the LED growing systems. There are also other choices to consider for your indoor plants when it comes to grow with led lights.

Reasons To Invest In LED Lights For Your Indoor Garden

One of the most beneficial lights for all forms of indoor gardening, which includes hydroponic gardening, is undoubtedly LED grow lights. These lighting offers many benefits which traditional growing light systems cannot provide. When your plants grow with led lights they are getting the benefits form an electrical semiconductor diodes which, once switched on, generate electroluminescence energy.

Cleaning With Vinegar and Baking Soda

Many household cleaners are harsh and hazardous to the environment. People often jump the gun and buy any number of chemicals when there are good alternatives that are safe and friendly to the environment, not to mention much cheaper.

Why Alternative Fuel Sources Are Important for Us, Our Country and Our Planet

More and more people are beginning to talk about alternative fuel sources as far as the auto mobile and transportation industry is concerned. People are realizing that the large number of automobiles on the road is the primary reason behind environmental pollution. But different people have different opinions as far as the impact of environmental pollution is concerned.

Solar Panel Business Opportunities In Asia

Anyone who is even minutely aware of basic economics would understand the working of supply and demand. The higher the demand the higher would be the supply. And this theory has worked for manufacturers for years and years.

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