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Why Switch to Green Cleaning

It is only natural to feel the need to keep your home sparkly clean all the time. The obsession with cleaning usually comes from a desire to protect your family from germs and keep them safe and healthy. Considering the fact that cleaning has the purpose of making your home a safe environment for your kids, you should make sure that the cleaning products you use are eco-friendly. The chemicals and compounds used in regular cleaning products are toxic and harmful for your kids and for our planet as well. This is why the US government and various green organizations try to raise awareness about the dangers of using toxic products and the benefits of utilizing green products.

How To Get Your Electricity Company To Pay You

Is ‘Free Energy’ on the horizon or is it already with us? One could very easily say that every single true discovery that has ever been made has already been with us. We just didn’t know it until someone found it and showed it to us.

Balancing Space in the Miniature Fairy Garden

Have you ever wondered why space is important in gardening? Even in miniature landscaping, space is a crucial element of design. It defines importance to objects, provides areas that make the design interesting, and leads the eye through the garden.

Green Cleaning – The Means To Enjoy A Safe Spring Cleaning Activity

As spring brings the colors of joy and life to the world, everyone turns over a new leaf and wants to add an element of change and vigor in their lifestyle, to celebrate the arrival of the most beloved season of the year. As spring brings hope and happiness to all, it also initiates an urge to do and try out something new and enjoy life to the fullest. Whenever someone mentions the spring season, spring cleaning is the first thought that comes to mind.

Diva Divers Treasure Hunt

A Diva Diver’s Treasure Hunt is more about how to take the pieces you have to work with and recreate them into the ‘style design’ you have chosen. It is a bigger challenge and a lot more fun. In fact, it is downright exciting when you see the results! It’s time to don your magician’s hat and pick up the wand!

5 Aquaponics Secrets: How To Build A Working Aquaponics System

Discover 5 aquaponics secrets so you can build a successful aquaponics system. Anyone can build a backyard aquaponics system you just need some insider knowledge.

Discover The History Of Aquaponics: Who Invented Aquaponics? You Decide

Discover the history of aquaponics by reading this article about the ancient Chinese in the 6th century to modern backyard aquaponics systems. Decide for yourself who “invented” aquaponics and learn how you can build a system yourself today.

Benefits of an Aquaponics System Design

Getting an aquaponics system has a lot of benefits. There are so many things that make a system like this very ideal. The main thing is you will be able to produce more with less witch is something we all need.

Tips On How To Save Energy In And Around Your Home

We all no doubt take pride in our homes and we want it to look as perfect as can be but we also want to save money and keep costs to a minimum. Our article explains how to save energy around your home and keeping costs down.

Benefits Of Living Off-Grid

In this day and age we all need to start thinking about the environment and green living. We need to start helping the environment and help ourselves to lead better lives and save some money in the process. This article explains what benefits living off grid has?

Aquaponics And Kids: Fun, Learning And Growing Food Together

Aquaponics and kids; if you take action and have an aquaponics system in your backyard you can spend quality time with your kids. Your children will learn with aquaponics about nature, life cycles and basic chemistry just by stepping in to your garden. Having a backyard aquaponics system means spending time with your family outdoors producing fresh organic fruit and vegetables for your family year round.

Barely Get Along Street

‘Barely Get Along Street’ is a fun filled review on the value of repurposing almost everything related to the home including home furnishings and accessories. Enjoyable ideas about the origins and how it became hip, including the new perception we all have about doing it. It also features the best places to find your items, sell or trade your things and how to make it happen!

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