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Green Energy Solutions for the Home

Greening our homes by alternative energy solutions are now more possible than ever before. Here, we’ll look at a variety of systems and other ways that may provide smart energy generation for domestic homes.

A Bamboo Blanket For All!

Bamboo blankets are worth what they cost. They can be used by all like mothers, babies, grown ups, teens, etc.

Top 5 Reasons Aquaponics Is for You

You’re on the right track already! So just kick back, and smile because you have already made the best decision in your nutritional life!

Rain Water Harvesting With a Slow Sand Filter

Learn about a sustainable rain water / roof water filtration system that can be built by anyone with average skill regarding plumbing, and home improvement projects. A basic system can be put together for just about 100 dollars. This system can last indefinitely and can operate powered entirely by gravity. It requires no chemicals to purify water. Some maintenance is required. I’ll explain all this in the rest of the article.

A Greener Home In Nine Simple Steps

A greener home is easy to achieve. Try these nine simple tips today to reduce energy usage and your carbon footprint. You might even save a few dollars in the process!

Why Lower Income Households Are Already Green

Many people may not realize that households with lower incomes are some of the most environmentally conscience. Taking a few tips from those who live on a budget can help to find ways to live a greener life.

Best Suggestions in Choosing Plants for Aquaponics

It is undeniable that farmers are dependent on planting crops. For years, they have been using the usual concept which is planting on soil and put inorganic fertilizer on it so that healthy plants will grows. However, technology has been so good that even farming has been improved. Aquaponics system is now a new way of planting which produces 100% organic vegetables or fruits and it does not need soil at all.

Why Seed Swapping Is Important

Many of you are probably thinking, why is this important? In truth, seed swapping can be as important as reforestation. Here are some great answers to your question.

What Is Meant By Aquaponics?

We’ve all heard about “Aquaponics”, some of us even know a bit about this new term that is supposed to “change our lives!” I’m here to tell you all about it: Wikipedia defines Aquaponics as: A sustainable food production system that combines a traditional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as snails, fish, crayfish or prawns in tanks) with hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment. Aquaponics combines these 2 systems (Aquaculture and Hydroponics) into one very high yield system that takes the advantages of both and the drawbacks of none:…

Is a Garden Space Still Important for a New Construction House?

Gardens are more than just spaces for plants and flowers. There are various benefits that they bring to a house, to the environment, and even to the homeowner. Know these benefits as you read this page.

Beautiful Garden Preparation On A Budget

This article describes some basic tips and garden ideas, informing how homeowners can create a beautiful garden. It also emphasizes the fact that beautiful gardens can be set up even with little budget.

Veggies For The Fun of It: 10 Tips for a Successful Urban Garden Program for Kids

Are you planning on starting a vegetable garden for children? Here are ten tips that may help you to successfully operate a community garden for kids and keep their interest up.

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