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Health and Safety Hazards at Home: Dangerous Chemical Cleaners

Toxic chemicals used in commercial cleaning products make up some of the most dangerous health and safety hazards at home. In this age of environmental awareness, green ways to clean the home are becoming more popular. Making the transition to green cleaning is simple and costs just pennies compared to expensive, store bought “green” cleaning products or commercially manufactured cleaning products containing dangerous, toxic chemicals.

Solar Water Heaters – Advantages and Disadvantages

Solar water heaters are a cost effective way to heat water, making these systems a great choice for homeowners looking to save money. Because everyone uses hot water, hot water heaters are required, but conventional systems can also be a huge money sink. Over 30% to 50% of an average homeowner’s energy bill is the result of using hot water.

How to Setup Solar Power: Three Steps to Success

So you’re thinking about setting up your own solar power system at home? This is a great project. It’s great for the environment, very rewarding, and a good way to save or even make money. There are many things to be considered when learning how to setup solar power and there are many mistakes that are easily avoided. Below are a few steps to ensure success in your project.

How to Setup Solar Power: Planning Before You Start

After you build solar panels at home, you will find that you have saved thousands of dollars, and made your home more green. This is the second of three articles that discuss steps to ensure that you are successful with the very first solar panel you build. In the first article we discussed the importance of finding a good set of plans, finding a mentor, and the importance of following the local laws. Keep reading to discover the secrets of how to setup solar power.

Water Conservation Kits Making Saving Water Simple

Choose to use water more efficiently. Doing so has a number of benefits, from decreasing water and energy consumption to saving money on utility bills. Installing the items in water conservation kits sets you on the right track to preserving this precious resource while reaping these benefits at the same time.

Rain Barrel Irrigation – The Eco-Friendly Gardening

Do you have a green thumb? If so then maybe a rain barrel irrigation system is something you might want to consider for your garden or yard.

Home Improvement Tips That Will Add Comfort and Distinction to Your Living Spaces

Most homeowners continually look for new ways to update the look of their home while being energy-efficient at the same time. Living greener is also important for improving the air quality and cutting back on harmful toxins found within an air-tight space. Here are a few home improvement tips that can help you add beauty to your home plus provide a more comfortable atmosphere.

Granny’s Green Laundry Secrets: Removing Stains With Vinegar

My grandmother was actually green cleaning laundry before it became popular. Using laundry cleaning tips handed down through generations, Granny knew that removing stains with vinegar was the best way to get whiter whites, brighter colors and get rid of the toughest stains. And she did it all without using the harsh, sometimes toxic chemicals found in today’s cleaning products.

Save Energy and Maintain Privacy: Protect Your Personal Data With Our Money-Saving Recycling Tip

We are all concerned with saving energy and protecting our family’s financial information. Our simple money-saving tip is perfect for those of you who want to achieve both goals with minimum effort.

Sustainable Home Building or Renovating – Part 1

Planning to build a sustainable home or renovate an existing home? This article will provide you with sustainable building ideas that are “environmentally friendly” and save you money on electricity, heating bills, and more.

Maximizing Your Auction Finds With Milk Paint

This article is about using environmentally safe Milk Paint for your home projects both indoors and outdoors. This type of paint has been proven throughout the ages.

Green Living: A Beginner’s Guide

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), everyday in the United States more than 690,000 tons of waste is dumped into landfills. The majority of the waste dumped into landfills is recyclable.

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