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What Will Happen To Your Log Cabin After Five Years?

Owning a log cabin is a dream for many homeowners. Whether it is on an isolated mountain peak, beside the salt-scented ocean, or sitting in the middle of a suburban cul-de-sac, there is a certain charm to a log cabin that can’t be beat. It is no wonder that year after year, generation after generation, it remains among the top selling style of home on the market.

Toxins in Candles

There is nothing more romantic and relaxing than a scented candle burning and filling your home with delicate aroma. Except the fact that the candle might actually be filling your home with toxic chemicals. Unfortunately toxins in candles are more common than expected and we need to make sure to use quality products what are good for us and the environment.

Types of Eco-Friendly Home Siding

If you are in need of a home siding upgrade, be sure to consider all of your environmentally-friendly options too! Wood, rock, brick, and more are just a few materials you can choose from!

Log Cabins In Winter: Things You Need To Know

Winter is coming, and not just for those Lannisters. The temperature is dropping, and snow is already starting to fall on some of the towering peaks in the US. If you look up at the Rockies you can see the glimmering beginnings of frost on the quickly dying trees. For those who have a log cabin, it is time to begin preparing for the coming weather. While all houses need to be winterized, log cabins are particularly affected by the snow and cold. Here is what you need to know to get ready.

Why to Opt for Solar Energy

Making a huge change to the way you approach energy is not easy. When you have relied on electricity to power, heat and cool your home forever, you are probably not going to want to rock the boat.

The Benefits Of A Log Cabin

Have you ever been in a modern, sheetrock based home? Walking through the rooms there is a certain feeling to it, a sense that things aren’t quite as sturdy as they could be. Sheetrock and plaster have an air of impermanence, something cheap and non-lasting. With just too forceful a hit of a hammer on a nail can tear a giant hole right in the wall. The moment you move in, it loses value.

Sunshine And The Need For Electricity

Have we ever thought what else the sun can do, other than the UV radiation? Shouldn’t something be said about the world’s vitality of around 98%, if not 99%, originates from the sun. Some of it is reaped specifically by plants, trees, and sun oriented boards.

Two Green Roofing Ideas From Fantasy and History

Homeowners tend to think in terms of three or four options for roofing materials. Alternatives can be found in both movies and history.

Porous Paving: An Attractive and Environmentally Friendly Alternative

Porous permeable pavement isn’t just attractive to look at; it’s also environmentally friendly, from creation to installation. And the cheapest solution on the long term basis.

How Learning The Basics of Lawn Care Can Benefit You

When it comes to lawn care, may people will not run out of tips to give especially home owners. These will come from a variety of sources that have been put to the test. Although most of these are well-meaning in nature, some of these are simply wrong or not working anymore.

Porous Paving: A Win-Win for Your Hardscaping

If you’re looking to improve your land and have a positive effect on the environment, porous paving is the perfect option for you. Green paving is the new trend!

Tips for Gardening in the Winter

Unlike animals that eat less and hibernate, plants will continuously grow throughout the year even when they no longer have leaves. Therefore, with every season there is a specific way to look after your plants without accidentally burning them with the frost.

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