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Natural Home Living Begins With a Good Night’s Rest: Make Sure You Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

For those of us striving to create the most natural home possible for our families, an often forgot about space is the bedroom. A good night’s rest is crucial for mind, body and spirit. Sleep truly rejuvenates every cell of the body. But, where and what is your body exposed to while in dreamland?

What You Need to Know About Leasing Solar Panels

There are both advantages and disadvantages of leasing solar panels; a person who is considering leasing should weight these and make a well informed decision. Solar power is gaining in popularity and its use is becoming more common. More and more people are turning to solar power as the source of energy for their homes and even places of business. This is good, as it is environmentally friendly and using it can in fact save a person a lot of money every year.

The Benefits of a Home Solar Power System

There are many benefits of installing a home solar power system and this article aims to explain these different benefits. Making use of the suns energy to provide power for our homes is both environmentally friendly and affordable. The main benefit of installing a solar power system is that it provides a means of generating clean and free electricity for your home.

BPA in Our Natural Homes? Many States Say Enough!

For eco-minded families, our purchases mean a lot to us. When we buy toys, food, things for our children, and essentials for our house we trust manufacturers to create safe merchandise. Sadly, however, some toys are not what they appear to be. In fact, many contain materials that actually harm infants and children! A short time ago California united with several states in banning the BPA from infant and children products. But what is BPA and why is it now banned?

Introduction to Solar Energy-The Basics

Solar energy can best be defined as light transmitted from the sun, which can be used for solar heating, solar photovoltaic’s, and solar water heating. Solar energy also can be referred to as radiation energy that can be used for everyday human needs such as electricity, heat, and building technologies.

Solar Installation – 3 Simple Tips for Saving Money

Although installing a solar power system for your home may need substantial initial investment, there are several different procedures through which you can reduce this cost. Although you may not be able to reduce the majority of the costs, a few relatively small cost reductions can make a big difference in making the installation more affordable.

Ten Tips to a Greener Lifestyle

Conservation is not fun for most of us. Well, that is true, it is not the most fun thing to do. The simple task of turning off the lights and appliances when not in use is already considered as a tedious work by some. However, it is easy to forget that these simple things can actually make a difference to our environment. As they say, if we want change then we have to start with ourselves. With this, let me share to you some tips on how you can live a more eco friendly life.

Eco-Homes: Why Durable Zinc Is the “Green” Solution for Residential Roofs

One of the most sustainable, high performance building materials prevalent throughout the world is zinc. As the need for environmentally sensitive, sustainable buildings, including homes, continues to grow, architectural zinc will become more prevalent as a durable, eco-friendly roofing material for new construction, renovation, and historic preservation.

How to Make Solar Electricity

The importance of knowing how to make solar electricity out of the world’s most powerful energy supplier must be regarded with paramount consideration. Most people tend to forget that this planet has the Sun, one of the alternative sources of power supply that provides limitless FREE energy. In these days, it is an undeniable fact that everything seems to be inter-connected with the use of electricity. In short, humans are very dependent 24/7 on the power grid!

Concentrated Solar Power

Concentrated solar power (CSP) is typically associated with solar energy. As a matter of fact, it is an indirect method of converting sunlight to produce electrical power. The process involves the use of mirrors or lenses to focus a huge area of sun-rays onto a limited area. Electrical power is a by-product of the concentrated light that has been transformed into heat which can make a heat engine, like a steam turbine run.

Alternative Power

Are you interested in saving to have a ton of money? Well, having alternative power sources is the solution to that. You want to know how? You will find the answer by learning how to make solar panels. These photovoltaic frames may be relatively expensive for a low-income earner but not to somebody who has lots of DOLLAR$!

Renewable Electricity

Generating renewable electricity from the power of the wind and solar energy sounds awesome. Just imagine having costless wind and solar power running in your entire household. How do you like that? Certainly, everybody loves comfort in life…with savings in the bank. All these are possible when some burdensome matters are stricken out from your regular payables.

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