MINIMALISM IN 2020 | Beginners Guide to Decluttering

Green Living Resolutions For 2013

Green Living Resolutions do not need to be overwhelming. Learn easy, simple steps to incorporate sustainable practices for Green Living in 2013.

Eco Friendly Gift Wrapping Techniques – Out-Of-The-Box Ideas To Make Your Gifts Look Good

Nowadays, people are getting more concerned about the environment and this is evident from the wide popularity of going green and carbon footprint reduction. More and more people are considering Eco friendly alternatives for almost anything in order to protect the atmosphere.

Waste Disposal and Rubbish Removal in the Home

Everyone has a junk room, its just the way it is. Perhaps yours is the box room, or probably the most popular; your garden.

Going Green in Home Improvements

Going green when it comes to home improvements and remodeling is now being discussed on a greater level than ever before. More people are becoming conscious of the fact that the planet needs to be protected in order to be saved, and if everyone plays a part, great strides can be made in preserving the earth and its resources. As noted on MSNBC’s website, many contractors and homeowners alike are still not certain just what constitutes going green.

What Advantages Can You Get From uPVC Windows Compared to Conventional Wooden Frames

The popularity of uPVC windows has risen over the past years. According to research, more than 80% of tenants and homeowners prefer this type of window over other options like wood or aluminium. If you are considering replacing your old wooden windows with those that have uPVC frames, you must know first what benefits you can get from them.

Green Energy Tips That Can Make A Difference!

Consumers can help lower the cost of green technology by demanding energy efficient and environmentally friendly products. The rational behind this is simple, the more people demand green energy options the less expensive they will become. Economies of scale mean that the more companies produce green technologies, the lower the cost to produce each individual unit. If we as consumers band together and buy green products, it will encourage companies to develop more green technologies.

Energy Performance Certificates and Improving Efficiency in Your Home!

Find out how an energy performance certificate can help improve efficiency in your home and pick up a few tips to cut the bills down in your house and make your house more marketable. Efficiency in your home can save hundreds of pounds over a period of time.

Reusable Bags – The Green Way to Go!

We may not think when we head to the grocery or department store that we are hurting the environment. We get into our cars, do our shopping, and come home to begin putting everything away, only to realize we are stuck with a bunch of plastic shopping bags. These plastic bags usually end up in the landfill, the world’s oceans, or end up blowing down the roads and stuck in the trees in our backyards.

Gardening Tips 101

Gardening actually isn’t as complicated as it seems. Some little kids start out early – growing small potted plants with the help of their parents, and some grandmas continue refining their green thumbs well into their nineties.

The Ideal Roof Type For DIY Solar Panels – Seven Tips to Get You Started

An increasing number of home owners around the world are realizing the huge cost savings that come with installing rooftop DIY solar panels. For all its advantages, reaping the maximum benefit from solar power depends on a number of factors not least of which is the right roof. So what are the aspects that make a specific roof type most appropriate for DIY solar panels?

Easy Aquaponics – Information You Oughta Know

While most of us are unfamiliar with the concept of aquaponics, the same system may have actually been in existence for centuries. The modern idea of easy aquaponics is to be able to create a small sustainable ecosystem that brings food in the form of fish and vegetable plants to the owner. It is considered as an alternative to the traditional agriculture that we have come to embrace throughout history. Now if you do make your own research and study about aquaponics, don’t be surprised to see both advantages and disadvantages, and that’s mainly because it’s not a cakewalk to build the same.

Using Degreasers: A Guide to the Various Parts Cleaning Methods

In the manufacturing industry, it is understood that machinery parts require finishing so they will hold up during industrial processes. However, these parts must undergo a process called parts cleaning before they are ready to be professionally finished. The method of cleaning will differ depending on the size of the part, with larger pieces being hand washed while smaller parts are cleaned using immersion machines.

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