Low Waste Bulk Pantry Tour! Family of 5. What We Buy! (Plant Based)

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Hello you beautiful Rebels and welcome Back to another video in today's video I Am showing you everything in our pantry That we don't make so let's go I feel Like I always have to give disclaimers In my videos because some people Misinterpret things or think that Something is something even though I Have never stated it is and so I have to Put disclaimers in my videos otherwise People assume things and so in today's Video we are not Preppers at all I think That prepping is great depending on Where you are and what you believe in And all that good stuff I wanted to Mention that just because some of what We do can look like prepping we're into Food security we're into Self-sufficiency we're into Bushcraft We're into foraging we're into tons of Stuff but we are not necessarily into Prepping prepping and I am not dissing Prepping in any way but I do not Identify AI with the negative side of Prepping and there can be a negative Side of prepping but that's a different Video honestly I'm not going to get into Prepping on today's video but depending On which channel you look at it can look A bit negative a little Doom and Gloom I'm not about that we're into food Security we just want to be food okay we Want to be a bit more self-sufficient And maybe I'll talk about why we're into

That on another video but today's video It's the pantry so let's go So this is pretty much our kitchen Pantry and we actually have lots of Shelves in our kitchen but I have them Empty at the moment just because I have To repaint everything so I stuck Everything in this Pantry right here and There's not a lot in it and that's Mainly because I keep all my herbal Stuff and I keep everything we grow and Everything I dehydrate on the shelves in The kitchen and on the Shelf in the Living room if you want to check out all The things that we grow and do and Everything I dehydrate and freeze dry You can check it out in the past video I'll link it in the description of this Video but anyways I'll show you what we Buy and put in here as you all know I Like to shop sales I like to shop Clearance especially all this Jam here Was clearance Jam so I bought all this Jam between two dollars and four dollars These big ones here these Club size Jam Which is one liter each this was four Dollars these were like two bucks and This was all on clearance I cannot make Jam that cheap in certain situations you Can make jam and it's super cheap Especially if you grow your own fruit I Don't have enough space right now to Grow our own fruit which is one of the Reasons why we wanted bigger property

But anyways I find it incredibly not Cost effective to go to our local Strawberry farm and buy a flat Joseph Just reminded me that it's 36 dollars a Flat close to us we were going to Another place and it was 46 and so it Really is not cost effective to make Strawberry jam unfortunately even though I did do it this summer I have some Vegan Mayo in here that I got on Clearance I have some Dijon mustard I Have all this peanut butter right here That I got on clearance I have some Nori Sheets because I like to make sushi I Have some cornstarch right there I have Some Accidentally Vegan chocolate chips From Costco this I actually make this is Apple cider vinegar And this right here is vanilla extract So pretend that didn't happen because This is supposed to be what we buy Joseph bought this forever ago he Doesn't even use it so I've been slowly Using this up but anyways this is better Than bouillon it's Blended no seasoned Vegetable base and usually what I do is I take vegetable scraps and make our own Broth so we don't really use this and I Should use it up anyway we buy baking Soda we buy baking powder I have some Red star active dry yeast right there I Bought these on clearance this is Coconut vinegar And I have some organic molasses and I

Have some salt I actually don't use that Salt in my cooking we actually use Urbanmar salt I'll show you we use this This is herbed sea salt up here we have Lots of soy sauce we have a big jug of Sunflower oil right there I actually use That in herbal stuff we have coconut oil We have tahini we have lemon juice and a Bottle of ketchup way up there in terms Of spices that I don't grow I don't grow Cinnamon I don't grow curry spice I Don't grow cumin I don't grow nutmeg and I don't grow cloves so as you can see I Like shopping clearance sales and that's How we get our peanut butter that's how We get our Jam sometimes even though I Do make jam in the summer but again it's Not very cost effective unless I'm Growing my own fruit and then it's more Cost effective and for some things I Just can't grow them I can't grow Cinnamon where we live and it's true Cinnamon so it's Ceylon cinnamon and Also a note I do buy flash food boxes And so I do buy bananas through that Oranges for that if it's a good deal I Buy them but we only really buy the Clearance boxes or the flash food boxes In the winter time and get the bananas Then unless I find like a big box of Bananas for like five dollars like a big Box of organic bananas for five dollars You can't beat it I truly believe in Local food and the local food movement I

Do but sometimes one of my kids wants a Banana and after on clearance and They're destined for the garbage I will Buy them and so even though the majority Of our food like our strawberries our Blueberries I buy from local farms and Our local apples come from a local Farm Local apples but I also have everything That comes out of the garden as well Even with all of that I do Buy clearance Boxes I do Buy clearance bananas I do Buy clearance Jam Just because sadly if it's cost Effective and on clearance I get it Because most of it's expiring and going In a dumpster and I would rather have it In our pantry and we're gonna eat it Rather than it go in the garbage and the Same thing applies for the rest of the Video I'm going to show you the other Stuff we have bought on clearance Because it's more than that just one Little section that one little cubby Hole next to our kitchen and so I'm Going to show you it and it does kind of Look like a prepper's pantry but I think Preppers probably have more than we do Honestly but anyways it works for us Let's go so this is the rest of our Pantry and there are more than 50 Containers there I think there's around 60 actually and yeah this is our pantry I have pasta lots of pasta I have flour I have popcorn I have so many different

Types of beans I have white beans black Beans Turtle beans beans that I grew in My garden I have quinoa I have oatmeal I Have sugar I have more pasta I have Peas I have a ton of rice because we eat a Lot of rice I have gluten-free pasta There is a lot here so these are all Food grade containers and I get asked Quite often where do we get these I get Them off Facebook Marketplace these are Technically food grade ice cream Containers with the original lids and so These are great to store your food in You can freeze in them they are really Awesome I have over a hundred ice cream Containers some of them I have gotten Out of ice cream shops recycling on the Side of the road when they put out their Recycling some of it I've gotten on Facebook Marketplace and I have over a Hundred containers and Um they're again they're really awesome What I do is I find clearance food like Pasta for super cheap and flour for Super cheap or gluten-free pasta for Super for cheap or I buy big huge bulk Bags of quinoa or flour or rice and then I put them in these buckets because they Will last longer in these buckets rather Than in the bag we freeze stuff they go In the bins we put in an oxygen absorber In some of the bins not all of them Don't put oxygen absorbers in sugar it Just wrecks the sugar but I do put

Oxygen absorbers in things like the Beans the flour the pasta the rice that Is a good idea so yes again all of this Is food grade we started out using Basically contractor buckets I could not Find any food grade buckets that weren't Like a ton of money and so I got Contractor buckets from Lowe's and like Hardware stores and use that for like Bulk quinoa and bulk sugar because I Didn't have anything food grade and when I did find food grade buckets like five Gallon or one gallon buckets It wasn't cost effective it was like six For a hundred dollars or more it just Didn't make a lot of sense each of these Buckets is three gallons so basically What I do is I come out here with my pot For cooking supper or my mixing bowl if I'm baking something and I just set it Down on a table out here and then add in What I need from the buckets into the Bowl on a side note I'm allergic to Gluten and I have celiac disease so Having it out of the house is a little Bit beneficial even though I bring it Back in and I bake with it it just kind Of helps because the flour isn't going Everywhere and it's a bit easier if it's Not going everywhere in the house so Yeah that might not make a lot of sense But it does make my life a bit easier Especially since I do 99.9 of the cooking in our home on

Another side note I put dried bay leaves In a lot of these buckets and I do that Because weevils cannot stand the smell Of bay leaves and so I have oxygen Absorbers in these buckets and the Buckets are completely secure but I Still do that as a precautionary thing And even though we froze what's in the Buckets so we like really try hard not To get bugs in anything and it hasn't Happened so that's that's a good thing So yeah I'm not sure what else to say About all this I'm sure it looks a bit Weird to some people but this works Really well for us it's kind of visually Satisfying to see all your food in the Same place I know exactly how much food We have by looking at it and reading the Labels so I know when a pail goes empty How if we need to buy something else I Know that I have like nine of these Containers filled with rice I can see How many I have filled with sugar I also Want to mention here this is not a Continuous thing I don't keep filling Buckets up I basically only fill buckets F they need to be refilled and again I'm Buying in massive bulk bags or I find Something on clearance and we need to Fill up a bucket so it's not it's not a Continuous thing I'm not bringing in Food that we're not going to eat I'm Definitely not hoarding food this is Probably about a Year's worth of food

Here for us maybe a bit more if we had To I don't know had to make our meals Smaller for any reason but it's about a Year's worth of food and that's just a Guesstimate because we haven't tested Out just living off this amount of food And so we could try it between our Freezers and this and see how it goes it Would be kind of a cool experiment I Guess but for now we're gonna eat this This is gonna be our Year's worth of Food and I'll fill probably buckets as They get depleted and so we always have The same amount of stock of food so yes Probably looks really weird for some of You some of you may not understand it Some of you may get it completely and Yeah this is just what we do and it Works well for us and we're about six Months into testing this out and so it's Relatively new this process that we do Having this all in here but it works and Um we're gonna keep going because it Works and that is really pretty much our Pantry system and everything we do not Grow on our own in it so we don't grow Our own rice we don't grow a lot of our Own beans so there are beans and peas in There that we did grow we don't grow our Own oatmeal and we don't Mill our own Flour we also don't make our own Gluten-free pasta or pasta and we don't Make our own sugar so there are things That we do go to the store and buy again

I buy in big bulk bags or I buy on Clearance and in that sense it's a bit More cost effective for us I hope this Video answers some of the questions I've Been getting I hope it inspires you in Some way I don't know or maybe it was Just satisfying seeing my you know Containers all lined up whatever it Gives you I hope it's good get dirty Stay magical piece bye