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Online Banking – Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Online banking has become very popular. More people are paying their bills on line, saving them money on stamps and time mailing out their monthly bills.

Today’s Home Solar Power Systems Allow You to Hook In or Go Off the Grid

The home solar power systems available today include panels and kits that will allow you to go off of the grid or hook into the grid. Hooking into the grid is for homes serviced by a public utility.

Wind Power Home Energy Generators – Re-Inventing the Windmill

The latest wind power home energy generators are called turbines. The idea is not a new one. You might say they have re-invented the windmill.

Should You Make a Wind Generator?

You could make a wind generator for a science project. There are plenty of plans online. But if you are looking for something that can be used as a renewable energy power source for your home, it would be cheaper in the long run to buy a ready-made turbine.

Generating Solar Power Electricity

Solar power electricity can be generated directly or indirectly. In the direct type, sunlight shines directly on photovoltaic cells and is converted into current.

Renewable Wind Power – Always Available

Renewable wind power has always been available. Man began using it to power his machines thousands of years ago. We began using it for electricity production in the late 1800s.

Ethical Gifts Set To Hit the Big Time This Christmas

Not too long ago, ethical gifts were an unusual choice. But this year ethical retail appears to be hitting the big time and purchases will reach an all-time best. Why? The earth’s changing as increasing numbers of of us realise that if we would like future generations to experience happy, productive, comfortable lives like ours, something has to change.

Composting – Not Only for Country Folk!

Some people seem to think composting is only for farmers and country folk…Well, maybe. But others can certainly benefit pretty substantially from having a compost right outside their back door.

Some Reasons Why The Portable Canopies Are Being Used

You would never think portable canopies would be used for green living but they are. Here are some great advantages for portable canopies.

The Eco Friendly Approach to Cooling Systems

There are a variety of eco friendly approaches to heating and cooling buildings through renewable sources of energy such as geothermal, wind and biomass fuel sources. Using these alternative sources of energy will reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and reduce our overhead expenses of providing both heat and air cooling to our buildings. Geothermal energy uses the earth’s heat and wind energy to heat or cool a house or office building by directly generating steam power and in turn, electricity.

Hydroponic Systems – The Most Productive Way To Grow Organically

We live in a world of processed foods with all their preservatives, food colorings and taste enhancer chemicals which together do harm to our bodies. We eat meat that has been grown faster than nature intended because the animals were force-fed diets of growth hormones – with use also consuming these hormones when we eat these meat products. Most fruit and vegetables available to us have been genetically modified and drenched in pesticides.

Have You Considered The Advantages Of Living Off The Grid?

Many people are growing tired of the increasing energy costs. As result, some are going off the grid with home systems for alternative energy.

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