How to use cloth diapers to reduce waste- zero waste family

Off The Grid Living Made Easy With Free Solar Energy

The sun is free source of renewable energy that can be tapped by solar systems to allow off the grid living for a change. Solar energy has always existed. The French scientist Horace de Saussine had constructed a free solar energy system with its top covered with glass and the inside painted pitch black. It was called the “hot box” and functioned by absorbing the sun’s rays that heated the air within the box. Today’s solar collectors work in the same way.

Green Pest Control Works and Is Safer Than Conventional Pesticides

Green Pest Control is a safe, effective alternative to synthetic, chemical pesticides. However, the public is not aware of this fact and has been led to believe that green options are not as good. Let the truth be known: green pest control options work and they are safe!

Using Solar Renewable Energy To Your Advantage

Through the generations, scientists have tried to use the sun as a source of free renewable energy, but advances made recently have enabled them to devise systems that can be used in an average home. Solar energy may be effectively used for water heating, lighting, cooking, or to power a vehicle. Society has already benefited from practical use of renewable solar energy.

Reasons You Should Consider Building Timber Sheds

The many great uses of shed has long been something people knew about, which is why sheds are no longer trends but have become part of our lifestyles. However, while many prefer traditional wooden sheds, many more are building timber sheds in an attempt to do their bit for the environment. Read on to learn about the many benefits of timber sheds and why they are fast becoming a fixture in many homes.

Understanding Duke Energy Progress’ Home Energy Improvement Program

Did you know that you could be rewarded for making your home more energy efficient? Duke Energy Progress has a home energy improvement program that rewards you for saving money.

Garden Ornaments For Your Own Personal Eden

Add a personal touch to your outdoors by creating landscaping that has color and texture while extending your living area to the outdoors. A well planned patio, porch or sun room can help you relax and enjoy your quiet time, or can be a great place to enjoy family and friends, have a B.B.Q. or enjoy your garden.

Organic From Field to Fabric

In order for a product to be labeled organic it must met strict federal guidelines from planting through production. Organic certification is necessary to protect the integrity of the organic production process. Certification is mutually beneficial for everyone involved in an organic cotton supply chain to ensure integrity in their processing and labeling.

Green Cleaning Movement

Green cleaning, the concept of only using products and services with environmentally friendly ingredients that promote a healthy lifestyle, is catching on quickly all over the nation. Green cleaning products avoid chemically toxic ingredients, and encourage natural biodegradable compounds that do not cause volatile dermatological and respiratory problems, such as pesky skin irritations and frustrating breathing problems.

Considering Toxic Free Methods? Things to Consider

Everything we do, actions we take, decisions, etc. has some kind of environmental impact. The actual products we purchase may not look harmful, but the manufacturing and delivery process may leave huge damaging environmental impacts. Here are some things to consider for toxic free methods.

Wooden Greenhouse

The natural beauty of wood provides for a more organic feel to the greenhouse, and a variety of designs are available to meet your specific gardening needs. However, a wooden greenhouse not only serves as a home for your plants, but is also an appealing decorative addition to any piece of property. Wooden greenhouses update the classic design of a greenhouse to give it a more natural, organic feel. A wooden greenhouse is more economical to construct than a plastic greenhouse, but it will work just as well to create optimal growing conditions for your plants. The wooden greenhouse is especially suited to private growers due to its inexpensive construction and maintenance costs.

So, What Makes Egyptian Cotton Special?

Grown in the delta along the banks of the mighty Nile, Egyptian Cotton is the King of Cotton. Praised around the world for its superior qualities, it has long been thought of as the most luxurious of cotton fabrics. Just say the words “Egyptian Cotton” and the consumer visualizes high quality bed and bath products. What makes Egyptian cotton so special?

How to Save On Organic Products

In learning to go green and do away with toxic chemicals in your own environment, organic products can be expensive, often costing more than toxin filled products. There are ways to get organic products that are cheaper on the budget. Learning how to save on organic products is as simple as learning a few techniques on saving.

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