Harvesting Mullein

How to Make Eco Friendly Wrapping Paper and Gift Bows

Every year, you purchase wrapping paper and bows to wrap your Christmas presents. However, you can save a lot of money by making your own eco friendly wrapping paper and bows.

Make Your Composting Labors Manageable And Effective With These Three Approaches

Composting occurs despite how you create your compost pile or how much concentration you give to it. There are almost as many ways to create a compost heap as there are gardeners. Each person has their own system of doing this, but all will work and give you rich, fertile compost to enrich your garden. These are some simple ways to create your own rich and soil-heartening compost.

Solar Energy Could Be the Solution to Your High Electricity Bill!

The rising cost of energy coupled with today’s economic challenges has caused the interest in alternative energy sources to grow exponentially. Solar power in particular has garnered a lot interest. I think consumers have gravitated toward solar energy as it is the alternative energy they are most aware of and it is one of the easiest to implement.

Why Should We Consider Residential Solar Power?

Most of the world’s power consumption is distributed for residential use. And majority of this power source is from fossil fuels.

How to Harness Solar Energy Easily

There are several simple ways to use solar power. By simply using the sun’s heat in good use is very effective.

How to Go Green: Why I Don’t Buy Carbon Offsets and You Shouldn’t Either

Since the market for carbon offsets is unregulated and verification and monitoring is relatively non-existent, I don’t buy carbon offsets. I think people can make a bigger and more beneficial impact by directing their money toward eco-friendly actions that they can personally control. Here is what I do.

5 Requirements for Creating a DIY Power System

Getting your home off the grid cheaply by building a DIY power system need no longer be a pipe dream. There is small number of basic requirements for building a DIY solar power system that can stop those exorbitant power bills and give you unimaginable freedom.

Can You Have Homemade Electricity?

You can make your own power with Wind Turbines, Solar Panels and now do it yourself with plans for building your own power generation system. This article tells you how.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Green Power Energy Resources

There are hardly any people that have not thought about or desired they could change to green power for their houses. It makes logic to stop and reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of green power, and other energy resources as you investigate the disadvantages and advantages. Firstly, think about the surroundings.

Integrated Building Technology for Net-Zero Energy Schools

In 2008, Congressman Benjamin Chandler (D, KY) introduced to Congress the “21st Century Green High Performing School Facilities Act”, which appropriates $14 billion to improve the safety, health, energy efficiency, and learning environments of the country’s aging public schools. President Obama’s Stimulus Bill contains $41 billion to be allocated for applying integrated building technology to the nation’s schools.

Is Off-Grid Living Really Green?

One might think that the best way to live a green life, to reduce your environmental impact, is to live off-grid. To stop getting your power from the grid, to get your own water from the pump, to utilise your own waste. Is it really the case?

Environmental Advantages of ICF Vs Wood Construction

The country and the world are going through a reassessment of values, and nowhere does this show up as much in home construction. Big, garish houses with two-story foyers, family rooms with vaulted ceilings, and walk-in closets the size of a room, are starting to be viewed as self-indulgent excesses. The name of the game now is energy efficiency, insulated concrete form (ICF structures), and the conservation of natural resources.

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