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From Fossil Fuels to a Cleaner Energy – Hydrogen Fueled Car

Mankind is currently exploring alternative methods for utilizing renewable energy sources not only for electricity but also for powering the vehicles we use for traveling around the world. It’s entirely possible these days to convert a gas powered engine to an electric engine using an electric car conversion kit, and sometime in the relatively near future it may also be possible and feasible to utilize some of the hydrogen produced from burning fossil fuels upon which we are so dependent as another means of powering our vehicles.

Living Off the Grid – What a Clever Way of Living

Imagine if you will, it’s a blustery, cold winter afternoon. You’re sitting firmly ensconced in your nice warm living room, sipping a comforting cup of hot chocolate. You are not at all worried about how much your heating bill will be at the end of the month, however, because you do not use electricity from the big power company in your state.

How Solar Panels Make Energy

Everyone knows solar power is important, but do you really know how solar panels work. The process that we use to generate energy from the sun is actually quite easier then you probably think it is.

Clean Electricity, Answer to the Growing Volume of Pollutants

Electricity is one very important commodity these days. An average household include appliances for daily chores making electricity an important part of modern way of living. One source for electricity these days comes from fossil fuels. And to keep the negative effects of fossil fuel at minimum, using alternative sources is a must.

Wind Power for the Home – Making Your Home Green Smart

As more pollution is being generated around the world, more people are looking to alternative, green energy sources to produce the energy they need to power their homes, cars, and various machines. One of the sources people are looking to in increasing numbers is the wind. Wind is a free, renewable energy source which has been harnessed to sail ships, dry laundry, separate the wheat from the chaff, and much, much more throughout man’s history. These days it’s entirely possible for people to utilize wind power for their homes.

Organic Bedding Versus Natural Bedding

More and more we see the words Natural and Organic appearing in advertising and promotional material for products. What is the difference between Organic and Natural? Certified Organic Bedding is clear of all harmful chemicals whereas Natural bedding may or may not be any better than beds and linens that are sold without a label saying Natural.

Who Invented Solar Panels?

A Swiss scientist by the name of Horace de Saussure designed and built the first solar collector in 1767. Well that certainly goes back some time and looks at who was harnessing the sun’s energy, but he did not turn the sun’s energy into electricity.

Solar Hot Water System – Relying on the Old Clean Sun

Wouldn’t it be great if there were some fairly easy way to reduce your electric bills? This is possible simply by installing a solar power hot water system. These units rely on the natural heat from the sun in order to help heat water, thereby reducing your dependence on more conventional means which relies on electricity to heat up coils which then heat the water.

Just Another Green Way to Harness the Wind – Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

As people begin once again turning to Mother Nature to supply some of our needs, wind and solar energy are becoming increasingly popular. Just as there are many forms of conventional energy such as coal, oil, and wood, there are a number of different options for harnessing the power of the wind.

Ways Your Family Can Go Green

With the environment a hot topic and high on the public and government agenda, families who want to go green and reduce their carbon foot print are questioning how they can make a difference. There are changes that you can fit into your daily life and choices which can help you to go green and do your bit for the environment. Follow our tips below to see how you can meet the environmental agenda.

Tranquility Found – Solar Powered Garden Fountains

For anyone who is looking to give their garden that special added aesthetic, an outdoor solar powered water fountain is most always the perfect choice. Outdoor fountains bring an added sense of classic tranquility to any garden unlike anything else.

We Can Offset High Oil Prices

In recent years that have passed, we’ve seen how hard the oil prices shoot up. Well, we can’t simply deny the fact that oil has played the game ever since we’ve started using it as the main source for our energy needs. But sadly we cannot also take for granted the fact that it has changed the way our world has been centuries before.

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