From Desert to Food Forest – A Transformation through Soil Regeneration!

Environmentally Friendly Paint: The Safe Choice

Natural ingredients are used for environmentally friendly paint or organic paint. You might be surprised that organic paints can contain any or a combination of the following familiar substances – milk, soy, clay, lime, and chalk. If you can use safe paint, then why go for toxic paints?

Math in Solar Cost

The world is run by numbers. Anywhere we point our eyes we have nothing but digits that spells gain or loss. In normal situations, buying and selling goods would need computations down to the cents. Saving plays an important role in the world of Math and numbers. Owning your own source of energy through solar energy entails a little Math to compute.

How to Make Your Home Compost Bin a Success

Home compost bins are allowing average people to do more regarding the environment. Helping to encourage the next generation to get back to basics, and build composting bins in their gardens. Although many people think that having one of these bins in their back garden is an un-practical, impossible task this is simply not the case.

How to Start Your Own Worm Factory Compost Bin

Starting a worm factory compost bin is a great way to reduce the amount of waste that you get rid of each week. Most of us simply throw away food waste and other items that could easily be used with a worm factory. Worms will feed on many different kinds of items that you probably just end up throwing away.

7 Key Benefits of Recycled Plastic Products

The need to use Recycled Plastic Products has never been greater. We are constantly reminded to recycle our glass bottles, newspapers and other items as well as buy products that have been recycled, and in doing so we are helping to do our bit for the environment. But although we know that using them is better for the environment, what are the specific advantages of doing so?

Worm Bin Bedding: The Right Stuff For Your Composting Needs

Worm composting is relatively easy and a quick way to turn those kitchen scraps into rich compost you can use in your garden. However, like all other living things compost worms need the right environment to thrive and do the work they are meant to do. Here are some tips on getting your kitchen worm composting bin started and going strong starting with choosing the right worm and worm bin bedding right through to the types of scraps that you should be putting in your compost bin.

Clothes Airer – The Great Energy Swindle

Energy costs money. This is the plain and simple truth, and is known by us all. You simply cannot afford paying for energy unless you buy an expensive solar panel system.

Cleaner Energy Using Wind Power Electricity

Wind power is another one of the earths free power resources that is bountiful, unlimited and free for mans harnessing of it. Humans have used it for thousands of years. They pumped water, grinded grain and sailed ships. And now new technology has allowed man to harness this wind power into the form of making energy.

Green Architecture – Is This Our Future

We hear about green living and sustainability. We have recycled our bottles and glass. Purchased our clothing at thrift stores. Changed our viewpoints about “things.” Now, what about the buildings that we live in and work in? Shouldn’t someone address the green standards of buildings? We all want to live in an efficient working home. What if it was a smart green house? The kind of home that utilizes everyday green materials?

Solar Anyone?

If you have dismissed the idea of solar energy based solely on the initial cost, it could be time to take another look at the bigger picture. There currently exist several threats to the overall health of our national electric grid, including the age and instability of our grid infrastructure.

Are You Prepared Should Technology Fail?

Most of us don’t want to imagine how vulnerable we really are should technology fail. We all need to follow our pioneer ancestor’s lead and learn to be self-sufficient in the event it becomes a real necessity.

We Live in a Throwaway Society

Let’s “trash” our throwaway society, and opt for budget friendly and earth friendly alternatives. Consider a repair shop, a donation center or a recycling program.

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