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7 Ways to Repurpose Your Old Mattress

Just about anything can be reused or recycled, including your old mattress. Check out these tips to help reduce the amount of waste in our landfills, and do something great with your old bed!

How to Flush Away Your Water Bill

70% of our planet is water, which means there is more water than land yet we have to pay high water rates for something we have trillions of gallons of. Well actually maybe we deserve it; we do flush 30% of our water down the toilet along with other things. If you are like me you must always be thinking how to save water but fortunately now I have found a solution to this problem, it can save up to 3 litres of water per flush and how you ask?

Flower Power in Abundance

Flowers bring joy to life, have the power to enlighten a dull mood and are a treat to the eyes. Apart from pleasing the human senses, flowers have multiple benefits, which make them one of the post powerful yet most beautiful creations of God. This article discovers the unlimited power of flowers.

Green Living – Top 7 Toxins In Our Homes

We all know deep down inside that we should reduce our exposure to toxic chemicals. We think about it we use strong smelling cleaners or paint stripper but then move on and keep doing what we’ve always done, not ready to change our habits, our routine. Why? Because we are always in a hurry. Unless something dramatic happens (asthma in a child cancer in a close relative) most of us won’t change a thing.

10 Reasons to Install a Solar Powered Well Pump System Today!

Have you ever thought about installing a solar power well pump? Do you have a rural or isolated location where you need to pump water either from the surface or from hundreds of feet underground? If so, a solar power well pump is the perfect solution. Technology developments in both pumps and solar power have made this possible. Both solar panels and solar pumps have made advances which make them capable handling a wide range of water pumping needs. Many of these systems did not exist just a few years ago. Below are the top 10 reasons to install a solar well pump. If you have never thought about installing a solar power system before, browse through the list and see if you can think of any uses. It is surprising, when remote low cost water pumping options are made available, ideas and uses pop into mind! Don’t delay, find an install a system today.

The Dawn of an Environmentally Friendly Era of Pest Control

Did you know that your ordinary everyday dish soap can also double as a powerful yet safe alternative to environmentally harmful pesticide? Yes, that’s right, that bottle of Dawn you have perched on the edge of your sink is a Insect KILLER..

Herb Gardening – Not A Rocket Science

Growing your herbal garden needs certain tips and techniques; you will be able to get all the information through the internet and online resources on kitchen gardens and herb gardening. Also there are gardening kits available for those who are interested in herb gardens; they can be purchased at your local stores as well as online.

Container Gardening – Tool to Kitchen Gardening!

Kitchen gardens and home-based gardening has always been an interesting job for plant lovers all across the world; especially for those who love to cook for what they grow. Container gardening is one part of household gardening and is a practice of growing plants such as herbs, cacti, vegetables and shrubs in a container instead of space provided for plantation at home. People love to do not only because they lack space in their homes for plants, but also to decorate and ornament their homes in a beautiful and a lively manner.

The Solar Power Energy Revolution Is Upon Us?

What is the solar power energy revolution and how will it impact our lives? Will there be giant solar farms stretching across the great desserts, or is there another solar revolution occurring, only on a smaller scale? Find out more about the real solar power revolution occurring right now and what is making it possible

Beer And Homemade Solar Energy Have What In Common?

You might be wondering, “What a bizarre question, what do beer and solar energy have in common!” You may even think you already have an answer, like, “I can keep my beer cold with homemade solar energy” or “I think I’ll build my own solar panels and have a few beers on the roof while installing them!”

Pros Vs Cons – Should I Build My Own Solar Panels Or Windmill?

I am about to cover the findings of my research and own personal use of the advantages and disadvantages of using solar panels. The means of renewable energy and disconnecting from the power grid has its perks, but what are they?

Use DIY Solar Power To Construct Homemade Solar Panels

Scientists have developed the technology to turn sun’s rays into electricity, and people who believe in DIY solar power have welcomed the concept. All this has happened in the past 20 years, and growth in technology has led many people to opt for solar energy.

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