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How Much Does Getting Off The Grid Really Cost

One of the greatest reasons people are reluctant to attempt to live off the grid and generate their own electricity is the high cost that may be involved. One of the reasons for this is a lack of basic information about what is involved. If you look at all the factors involved it can be a long term saving. Even better if you are prepared to do most of it yourself.

Facts About Air Inside Your Home You May Not Have Known

“I think I’ll step outside for some fresh air” is a common expression people use to comment on the air quality inside the house. However most people, when thinking about air pollution think only in terms of outside air because that is what gets the most media attention. We need to concentrate on the pollution that has the greatest impact on our health, indoor air pollution.

The Popularity of Wind Power Energy

The popularity of wind power energy was fairly nonexistent, until the fossil fuels began to run out. Now, with advances in alternative forms of energy, wind power energy is starting to look a more attractive option.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Panels

Are solar panels effective in harnessing renewable energy? Is it practical for your household? Know more about the advantages and disadvantages of using solar panels. Read this article for more insight.

7 Tips For Reducing Utility Bills In Your Home

We are blessed with the finding and right use of energy around us. There are many sources of energy that make our living better however, reducing utility bills is something on many users minds. Energy lights up our residence every night, keeps us warm throughout icy winters, allows us to be entertained, plus keeps our existence pleasant no matter what time of your day.

Live Green – Make a Solar Cell at Home

After doing research for a background article on the advantages and disadvantages of solar energy for the home I became convinced that this was a really good idea that I needed to pursue at some level. I would like to share with you now some of the steps I took to evaluate the options available to successfully make a solar cell at home.

Low Voltage Landscape Lighting Illuminates Outdoor Landscape Area

When you look into your backyard, what do you see? A place where your kids will want to play and hang out with their friends? A place where you’ll enjoy spending summer evenings cooking out with family and your friends?

Live Green – The Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Energy Home Systems

Many of us spend anywhere from $1500 to $2400 a year on electricity to run our homes. We would all be interested in reducing costs where possible. Wouldn’t it be better if we could save cost and have a positive impact on the environment as well?

How to Live a Green Lifestyle

Going green isn’t just about recycling. And it’s not just about using energy saving bulbs either. No, going green is a way of life…

Green Living And Pests – Natural Pest Control Works Better

If you have pests, you want them gone! There are safe, effective and natural solutions that work even better than toxic, synthetic pesticides. Learn what you need to know about natural pest control solutions to continue a Green Living lifestyle.

Wind Power: The Basics

In many ways, wind power is very similar to other electricity generating technologies, including burning fossil fuels and hydroelectric power. In all of these different technologies, there is something that helps to spin a turbine, which then turns that rotational energy into electricity. With fossil fuels, you are burning coal or other fossil fuel to convert water to steam in order to turn a turbine. Hydroelectric power will use flowing or falling water in order to force a turbine to move. Wind turbines, similarly, are positioned in away to take advantage of the wind as much as possible.

Solar Water Heaters – Save Money and the Environment

Solar Water Heaters are a great way to help save the planet while at the same time cutting your energy costs. Using the Sun’s energy to heat your domestic hot water is the most efficient means of using solar. Paybacks can be under 5 years!

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