Creating a Front Yard Garden to Engage the Community- Sustainable Living

Save Money With A Cheap Electricity Company

Consumers are always looking for ways to reduce their monthly bills, especially their utility costs. One of the best ways to lower your expenses is by switching to a cheap electricity company.

Natural Head Lice Treatment – Replace The Toxic Pesticides With A Natural Head Lice Treatment

Some parents become so distraught at discovering lice on their child’s head that in desperation they reach for a treatment that can be more dangerous than the lice. A parent may reason that since lice medications are easy to purchase they must be safe, but that is not the case. Over-the-counter pesticides are toxic!

Green Living – We All Can Do Our Part

Green Living decisions offer an opportunity to help. Learn how the wise use of resources coupled with avoidance of toxic, synthetic products are simple changes we can incorporate into our everyday lives.

The Mystery of Composting

Here we try to explain the mystery of how a composting toilet works and the key features to look out for when choosing one. By understanding the various factors at work you will be able to see why the some products work and why others do not.

Top Plants for Aquaponics Systems, Part 1: Climate

Here you will learn about picking the best plants for an amazing aquaponics system. Best plants to keep the aquaponics system running with the least possible maintenance and still grow tasty veggies.

Talking About Green Energy Options

Talking about green energy options is not a new conversation for people or governments. Today both understand that it is a huge priority to develop some better options than fossil fuel consumption. Around the world people depend on things like gas, oil and coal to heat their home and fuel their vehicles, but this material is not infinite. When these fossil fuels are finally depleted there will simply be no more.

4 Main Ways Our Day-To-Day Living Is Making The World Dirty

We all want a cleaner world, free of toxic household chemicals. But how do you make a difference? A real difference for not only our own generation but those who will follow. It starts with understanding the four main ways our day-to-day living is making the world dirty. And then taking some simple steps to help make things clean again.

Make Your Home Eco Friendly By Making It Energy Efficient

With all the different appliances and spiralling power bills, many home owners are beginning to look for ways to make their homes more energy efficient. Energy efficiency also plays an important role in helping people preserve the environment by reducing their carbon footprint, and since this is also helping them cut back on their electricity bills is also something that they will find appealing.

Natural Cleaners – 2 Common Myths About Natural Cleaners

If you haven’t converted your home to natural cleaners yet, it is more than time. It’s as simple as that. The reasons to get rid of toxic household cleaners are obvious: it is better for your health AND better for the environment. However, there are 2 reasons that we often hear from people who do NOT want to replace their old commercial cleaners filled with harsh chemicals. But if you look deeper into those reasons, you will realize that in fact, they are myths.

Best Plants For Containers

Nasturtiums, Strawberries, Petunias, Licorice, edible flowers and even some vegetables. So much can be grown in pots and containers! Gardening with containers is a brilliant alternative for those who love gardening but do not have the space to create one. You could plant small flower plants.

Gardening With Raised Beds

At a time when mobile home parks and apartment complexes are steadily growing, it is difficult to find a 50 feet by 20 feet piece of land to set up an ideal farm or field. Raised bed gardening is a welcome option. Known by various names, it has widely been in use in the Oriental countries.

Outdoor Hydroponics

Growing plants needs love, dedication, skill and training. It is a myth that plants primarily need soil to thrive. It is the mineral nutrients they receive through soil that they need.

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