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Sun Tube Skylights Provide Households Affordable Green Energy

Throughout the ages, men and women by way of almost all areas of life have treasured the particular warmth in addition to illumination available from the sun. These days, more and more people have begun to realize that they’ll enjoy the warmth not to mention abundant light that would be furnished by the sun caused by installing a Sun Tube within his or her house.

Energy Efficient Houses

The biggest and newest thing in architectural design can be described in two words: energy efficiency. Call it smart design or intelligent design or whatever everyone else “in-the-know” says it should be called; it all boils down to building a beautiful, comfortable, safe, and most-importantly, energy efficient structure.

Basic Consumer’s Guide to Wind Power Electricity

Generating electricity using wind power is a cost-efficient alternative to regular electricity at home. With the help of wind power electricity, electricity bills can be reduced significantly especially with the right installation and equipment.

Are Homemade Solar Panels Cost Effective?

There is a gluttony of websites trying to convince homeowners that homemade solar panels are cheaper than store bought and easy to assemble. The price of solar cells is coming down and they are readily available. But is it cost effective to build your own? This article gives a brief overview of how solar panels work and integrate into your system and the cost of doing it yourself compared to buying prefabricated panels or having a system installed by professionals.

Green Your Bedroom for a Better Night’s Rest

Sometimes, we just can’t avoid breathing in things that could make us sick. We walk outside to meet a toxic swirling combination of car exhaust and other chemically-based fumes that may emit from lighter fluids, factories and even the everyday objects around us. It’s true that the clothes we wear, the food we eat, and utensils we use at lunch and dinner may contain some kind of treatment that isn’t necessarily good for us, but unless you want to live in a bubble or move off the grid into the woods and forage, how else can you survive naturally?

Power Inverter, Power Charge Controller, Grid Tie Inverter – Everything You Need to Know – Solar

Power Inverter Generally a power inverter transforms the current from DC to AC and from a lower wattage to a higher wattage. E.g. 12v DC to 240v AC, 12v DC to 110v AC, 24v DC to 220v AC… They have an input and one or multiple outputs. To their input is generally connected a battery or a battery bank and their outputs are just like a regular house power point where you can connect almost any electronic device that requires to be plugged into a power point, we’re talking about a medium to a large capacity inverter. E.g.: TV, radio, lamp, vacuum cleaner, toaster, hair dryer… depending on the size of your inverter which can vary from a few watts to a few KW output. There are two types of power inverters: modified sine or pure sine. Modified sine power inverter is an inverter which transforms the current from a DC to AC and puts out a certain voltage based on the product you bought for example if you live in Australia you would buy a 240v, in Europe 220v in Asia 230v, in US 110v whatever power you have in your power point in your household.

What Are Mosses And Liverworts

Mosses and liverworts both play a vital role in the environment, providing a barrier to keep water in the soil while keeping the sun’s heat at a minimum. Mosses also help to keep loose soil together. These plants also provide ornamental decoration to an existing landscape as well as serve a functional purpose.

How to Save Money Each Month

Most people think going green means spending more…I’m sure we’ve all seen the paper towels that run twice the bargain brand. But what if going green meant actually SAVING a few bucks? Makes it easier to swallow, doesn’t it? So how does one accomplish a good conscience and a fatter wallet?

Natural Rugs: The Safer Choice

Eco-friendly natural rugs are a popular and stylish choice for many homeowners. Find out why natural rugs are the safer choice for your family.

Innovations in Solar Technology

In this article we take a look at the innovations in solar technology in recent years and how it has changed the world around us, and look at some of the novel uses for solar technology. Can we expect to be driving solar powered cars in a few years? How about taking a flight on board a solar powered aircraft? Read on to find out.

A Guide to Plastic Storage Bins

Over the years, plastic has been blamed for being responsible for the excess non-biodegradable garbage in the world. It is ironic that plastic is also the solution for messes in homes and offices. Plastic storage bins are a good way to store clutter and other items around the home that are not used on a regular basis.

How Does Solar Power Really Work? Sunlight Into Electricity

Harnessing power from the sun is simply amazing and not as complex as you may think. In this article you will learn how photons from the sun are produced and turned into an electrical current on earth and the benefits of building and owning solar power panels.

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