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Benefits Of Stainless Steel Bottle Water Over Plastic Bottles

Do you need to buy a water bottle? If you do, go in for stainless steel water bottles. The stainless steel water bottles are becoming extremely popular and it has several advantages over plastic water bottles. In stainless steel bottle water will remain safer and cleaner.

Keeping Your Stainless Steel Water Bottles Clean

Stainless steel water bottles are gaining popularity nowadays over the plastic ones. In a stainless steel bottle water remains much purer. So, whenever you want to buy water bottles always opt for the stainless steel ones.

How Much Energy Will Your Solar Power System Generate?

If you are wondering how much energy will your solar power system generate, then let me show you what you must know first. I have listed below what items you need to know before you can know how much power you will have.

Is Your Home a Bio-Dome?

A number of years ago, I watched a movie called Bio-Dome. Pauly Shore was the central character, trapped in a bubble where the primary goal was to create a sustainable eco-system capable of maintaining the basic necessities for life such as water, food and oxygen. In the bubble, everything contributes to the cycle of life and attempts to mimic nature’s ability bring forth new life from the death and decay of those living organisms that have served their purpose.

How to Build Solar Cells

Many people don’t know how to build a solar cell, but it is extremely easy to build a solar panel. With the help of items found in kitchen, you can build a solar panel. Once you have all the necessary materials for making it, score copper sheet which is as big as your burner is. Before you cut the sheet, ensure that you have washed it thoroughly so that all the impurities present on its surface like the sulphides are removed.

Green Living

The advances of technology surely made our lives easier, faster and more convenient than ever, but it comes with a prices. Modern equipment relies on electricity and we still rely on coal to produce electricity. Experts said than we have mined almost 50 percent of the coal deposits in the last 50 years alone. Not only that we are on a threat of running out of energy source. Burning has taken a tow on our planet.

Cheap Solar Panels at Home

If you are planning to take your household off the grid by installing solar panels, you should be prepared to pay a lot for this costly experiment. It is too expensive for an average consumer, and would take you more than a decade to regain the cost in energy savings.

Solar Bowl and Similar Collective Solar Cooking Systems

This solar bowl in Auroville, India, is probably the best known and referred to solar bowl in the world. Conceptually it functions to initially harvest the sunshine via a large spherical, concave mirror and thereafter concentrate the sun’s rays on a boiler with water.

How To Lower Costs With A Renewable Energy System: Turn Dreams Into Reality With 5 Common Items

High Energy Bills Got You Down? Consider implementing a renewable energy system to supplement existing power grid usage, read on to find out which 5 common items are absolutely necessary for success.

Build Your Own Solar Cell – Where To Start

Harness the sun and build your own solar cell panels. Solar cell energy is quickly gaining recognition today and is one of the leading sources of renewable energy, not only does it benefit the world we live in but it also helps families save on their power bill and reduce their carbon foot print! So how can you build your own solar cell and benefit from the the suns energy? Its really not as difficult as it sounds, you can build 60- to 120- watt Solar Panels for under $200 how great is that!

Why Cleaning Green Is Better

Did you know that the Environmental Protection Agency estimates that in the United States, 32 BILLION gallons of runoff (contaminated water) enters the oceans each day? Quite a startling statistic don’t you think? Why is this water contaminated?

Are Solar Panels A Wacky Idea?

Solar panels can sound too good to be true. Are they?

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