Can Earth Provide Us with All We Need? My answer: YES! (BRUT short film)

For one month I foraged 100% of my food.
No grocery stores, no restaurants and not even a garden!
Every. Single. Bite.
Nature was my garden, my pantry and my pharmacy.
Brut came out foraging with me in New York’s Central Park and made this video.
Watch the full video of my month:

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I've just entered my salad bowl You can just go for him A dog is So no grocery stores no restaurants not Even eating from Gardens everything that I'm eating I have to find growing Whether it's city parks abandoned Lots Or being out deeper in nature Just in this little tiny patch there are Four edible and medicinal Foods we've Got of course dandelion everybody knows Dandelion we've got plantago which is Another really great food and medicine And then just a little ways up here one Of my personal favorites lamb's quarter Similar to spinach this is growing in Pretty much every major city across what We call the United States and a lot of The world as well oh we've got of course Raspberries here you can make raspberry Leaf tea from this do I eat complete Meals absolutely subsisting of largely Wild rice venison or fish and different Herbs and spices and all sorts of Different Greens Plus different berries Some people call this a roadkill deer Buy a car The project for me this is about Enjoying life and it's about thriving And it's about feeling great I've eaten Over a hundred different foods from Nature over the last month and by Opening up my eyes I realized I had Barely even tapped into what there is I

Definitely feel more present and more Deeply connected to the Earth Good For the last 10 years I've been Rethinking our Global industrial food System in all the ways in which it Causes so much destruction and I want to Eat in a way where I can find food Growing that has no harm to the Earth Foraging can be legal or illegal Depending on where you are yeah some Days I'm out breaking the law but for me Foraging is actually one of the ways in Which I choose to purposely go against The system go against societal norms and Say yeah I don't need these corporations To provide for me in a way that's Destroying the Earth Most people they go to the grocery store And they buy their food and they just Assume it's safe because it comes in a Package or because it's got some great Advertising the truth is is that a lot Of that food there isn't safe Right here is Oxalis or wood sorrel and This is often one of the first plants That people try because it's got a real Nice flavor The lemony flavor you can get Oxalis Blend it up into your salad dressing and Have a nice lemony salad dressing what If everybody started foraging wouldn't We destroy nature overnight that Couldn't be further from the truth if

Every human being wanted to start Foraging and wanted to stop going to the Grocery store you know what that would Mean it would mean people are thinking About the world in a different way it Would mean our broken societal Structures would crumble and we would Replace them with regenerative Equitable Just ways of living that are connected To the Earth my recommendation for new Foragers is to learn one plant at a time And if you just learn one plant a month For a year you'll know 12 plants now if You really want to go faster you could Learn one plant per week for a year That's 52 plants and you will go from a Beginner to a plant wizard my goal is to Break free from the grocery store and to Maintain that largely for the next Decades ahead the world needs more Forage and maybe that is you