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What Degreasers Are Available for Green Companies?

As a testament to the economic benefits of “going green,” a global survey by Tandberg – a subsidiary of Cisco Systems – recently revealed that fifty-three percent of consumers prefer to buy from companies that have a green reputation. Because green Business-to-Consumer (B2C) companies prefer to do business with other green companies, consumer support of green B2C companies can also benefit green Business-to-Business (B2B) companies. Developing a green reputation is easier for some companies than it is for others.

Rainwater Harvesting Revival

Humanities need for food, shelter, and clean water has not changed in six thousand years. Rainwater harvesting is growing in popularity in the 21st Century. The information age is causing an awareness of peoples sufferings that is fueling the Green movement. The death of five thousand children a day is getting the attention of all who live in abundance of clean water.

Industrial Degreasers: Tips for Choosing the Right Heavy-Duty Degreaser

A conventional industrial degreaser contains harsh chemicals that remove grease, oil, and organic resin from equipment parts. In many cases, these chemicals harm more than the environment; they also harm the health of those who use them. If your company uses a parts washer solvent or another degreaser that contains toxic chemicals, now is the time to replace it with a safer product by following the tips below.

MIL-PRF-680 for Degreasing Equipment Components: An Overview

MIL-PRF-80 is a petroleum-based solvent that removes oil, grease, and organic resins from the engines of aircraft, ground equipment, and industrial machines. MIL-PRF-680B is the accepted industrial strength degreaser in most industries, but many companies – some of whom may not realize the solvent was canceled in 1999 due to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations – still purchase the degreaser it replaced, P-D-680. The cleaning power of P-D-680 is not available in an organic solvent, but the environmentally preferred MIL-PRF-680B offers the same cleaning power as P-D-680 while containing no Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs).

Degreasers for Industrial Equipment: Finding a Replacement for P-D-680

For almost fifty years, P-D-680 was the degreaser used by most companies in the industrial sector, but in 1999, most companies canceled the solvent when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulated its use. In spite of the widespread cancellation of P-D-680 that occurred over a decade ago, many companies still search for the solvent online instead of searching for an environmentally preferred or organic solvent. Experts in the solvent industry attribute this to the inexpensiveness of P-D-680, and its reputation as an effective degreaser, but regardless of why the solvent continues to draw interest, one thing is clear: using it…

Simple and Important Soil Remediation Techniques

Despite the fact that many are not quite conversant with soil remediation as a process of purifying and revitalizing the soil; it is vital in the environment in regards to restoring healthy and productive usage of land. In landscaping, the term soil remediation collectively refers to various procedures used in the purification and renewal of the soil. Think use of compost, minerals and balancing of pH levels in the soil.

Methods Used In Soil Remediation of Contaminated Land

A soil remediation process can prove worthwhile in contaminated land if ideal methods of decontamination, treatment and removal of volatile elements in the soil are keenly adhered to. For total clean-up of contaminated land, use of more than one method is advised. But while that can suffice, use of numerous methods does not necessarily mean that they are ideal in decontamination of polluted soils in a given land.

Perfect Aquaponics Designs for Your Own Aquaponics System

With this new technology in aquaculture, called aquaponics system, your aquaponics design and plan must be primarily geared towards achieving balance. Without balance, your system will not get the benefit of having clean water to achieve the appropriate environments needed for both fish and plants to survive. Plants will not also receive the right amount of nutrients to grow and thrive if you missed this important aspect.

Greenhouse Equipment for Advanced Living

Purchasing the right Greenhouse Equipment will give you high end features when it comes to installation. Such equipment is designed to deliver exceptional output in terms of reliability and stability.

Gutters Are Important Too!

Not everyone thinks that gutters are important. The water runs off, away it goes and everything is good. Now if you start adding in some wind, uneven grounds or the wrong kind of ground, the equation could get fairly brutal, or messy.

What Is Different About SunPower Solar Panels?

When you’re spending money on an upgrade for your home, you want to choose a product that looks good and one that is also very efficient at doing what you want it to do. SunPower manufactures solar energy panels that do both of these things. As far as adding beauty to your home, the sleek solid black panels made by this company look far better than other brands that have lines and grids running through them.

How Simple Plants Can Help With Soil Remediation

After the horrific events of Hurricane Katrina, the people in New Orleans had to face the task of cleaning up an entire city. This included soil remediation to clean up contaminated soil and remove any harmful chemicals carried in with the flood waters. Just as in any soil remediation procedure, the first step was to sample and analyze the soil to create a contaminant profile.

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