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What Are the Different Types of Renewable Energy?

Why use Alternative Energy Sources? One way to reduce your carbon footprint and support renewable energy technology is to power your own home with wind, Geothermal heating, or the sun.

Solar Power Can Juice Up Your Lawn

You don’t need to dig up your lawn to power up decorative lamps and other devices far from regular power sources. Many of these products have been made to use solar power now.

The Immense Power Of The Wind

If you were to put aside monetary and public concerns and simply looked at the statistics, I think it is quite obvious that investing in wind power, whether on- or offshore, is the smartest thing this country could currently do. It would reduce both air pollution and fossil fuel usage, as well as helping the economy through the creation of thousands and thousands of jobs. We are slowly getting there, but lots still has to be done on the path to a green future, and all of us can help make a positive change for our Earth. The main reason in this case is money. The production cost of offshore wind power, albeit being a lot more efficient than land based farms, due to the high seas usually being quite stormy, cost nearly twice as much as their counterparts on the main land. This is because it takes a tremendous amount of effort to move and erect the wind towers out in the ocean. Add to that the high and regular repair costs, that one has to pay in order for the farms to run smoothly, and you got a problem finding investors willing to chip in.

Renewable Energy For The Home – Solar Wind Geothermal

With the rising costs of traditional energy, and our increased awareness of environmentally friendly living, the time for considering alternative energy sources is well and truly upon us. Knowledge of the systems and options available to us is therefore imperative. In this article we have a look at the options available to us, and go over the issues that need to be considered and understood before embarking on our home and/or small business renewable energy project.

Waste Not, Want Not! Recycle Scented Candles and Save!

We all love walking into a room and enjoying the scent of the fabulously presented candles we buy each month. Some brands are better than others in terms of their scent and burning times, so how do we get the best value for our money? For me, the most disappointing factor is cheap wicks that burn down quickly.

Time To Come Clean

On average, 28% of a working person’s income goes towards paying for the provision of electricity in his or her household. This is because the vast majority of people choose to take the seemingly more easy way of simply purchasing energy off the grid, instead of going that extra mile and installing some sort of device capable of capturing and transforming the force of nature into clean and utterly cost effective electricity, which can be used to cover the leeching of the television, PC, microwave, second television and whatever else is nibbling away on the paychecks. One such device is a wind turbine. A plethora of DIY material is readily available, too. Many people decide to build their backyard wind towers themselves, and with the help of some friends and plenty of raw muscle, manage to fabricate and erect a fully functional monument to green energy. One, maybe two weekends of preparations and work are usually sufficient for the completion of a project of these proportions.

The Scary Truth About Pesticides

Pesticides are everywhere and they are scary! Learn the history of pesticides, why they are so dangerous and what you can do to avoid them.

Solar Geysers And Its Benefits

In this article we will look at the benefits of solar geysers and how by making use of one will help you save loads of money on your electricity bill each month for years to come. You will also learn how much you can claim back on a big part of your initial spend on your solar geyser by making use of the Eskom rebate program.

Solar Power Energy And Its Huge Advantages

Solar power energy can split into two so that the definition can be clear. The two types of solar power energy are; Solar power which is, the conversion of sunlight into electricity, this can be as a result of direct use of photovoltaic (PV), or indirect use of concentrated solar power (CPS). The other type is solar energy which is radiant light and heat from the sun, which is harnessed by use of technological instruments and products that include; solar heating, solar photovoltaic, solar thermal electricity and solar architecture.

How a Solar Panel Works

The better way to harness sun light and generate electricity for residential or business installations is using solar panels. It is a great alternative, maybe the best way to avoid high energy costs and that is the reason why the government in general has been encouraging householders to analyze the possibility of installing solar panels on their homes.

Perform A Small Act, Create A Huge Impact

With all the environmental problems that we are experiencing today you may start to think on how you can help mitigating climate change in your own simple way. Most people are amazed at the thought that they can actually create a big impact in the society by simply staying away from plastic bags.

5 Reasons To Consider Reflective Insulation

Reducing energy consumption is one way to go green that benefits the environment and your wallet. The use of reflective insulation is a low-cost up front investment that can reduce energy costs for the life of your home.

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