5 Mistakes Commonly Made By Beginner Gardeners

The 5 Best Bonsai Tree Types for Beginners

The art of growing bonsai has been around for thousands of years. Today, it is seen as a relaxing and stress-busting hobby for green thumbs all around the world. Some beginners purchase a fully formed tree to practice different techniques like potting, pruning and trimming while others opt for a bonsai starter kit to grow the tree themselves. If you’re planning to grow your first tree, it’s recommended that you opt for bonsai tree types that are easy to care for and maintain.

Bonsai Plant Care 101: What Beginners Need to Know

Taking care of your first bonsai tree is both a fun and challenging experience. Although bonsai trees grow from regular tree seeds, they require special care and maintenance to become the beautiful miniature tree that they are.

Bonsai Tree Bugs: How You Can Effectively Protect Your Plant

Like regular plants, your bonsai tree is at risk of being attacked by pests. If not dealt with properly, your plant may suffer from loss of branches and leaves and may even lead to death. Some bonsai species are more susceptible to pests compared to others, but it’s still vital that you take necessary steps to protect your bonsai no matter what type of tree you own.

Surprise Benefits of a Garden Turf

What is Garden Turf? The amazing benefits of garden turf.

Grow Your Very Own Vegetable Garden

The benefits of growing your own food. How to kick start your garden using vegetable topsoil.

All About Manure

What is Manure? What are the different types, and which is the favourite? Talking about Horse manure.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Becoming Eco Friendly

What is Eco friendly? How easy is to be Eco Friendly? An easy guide to becoming Eco Friendly.

How to Use a Wood Burning Stove

The environment is our not so new concern and most of us in our endeavor to play our part look for better and safer ways to do almost everything. In this article we will look at how to heat our homes with a wood burning stove.

A Few Things About Garbage Disposal

Living in the modern society means being responsible and following clear cut regulations, especially when it comes to garbage disposal. Citizens in all parts of the world have to familiarize themselves with the rules regarding this topic, as in most cases, these are made for your own well being. To better understand exactly what garbage disposal regulations are all about, here are certain aspects you might want to consider. First of all, garbage should be separated depending on the place of origin. It is important to mention that these regulations are meant for other types of garbage, not necessarily for household garbage.

London – Finally Going Green?

London is a town that has broken many records and most of these records are positive: it is a leading tourist attraction, has a high standard of living and offers many jobs. However, there is also a dark side of the coin, because London happens to be one of the most populated towns in the world. The European Union raised the alarm in 2012, when studies showed that London has the highest concentrations of nitrogen dioxide. The most polluted area, Grosvenor Place has a concentration of 152 micrograms and the least polluted one, “only” 100, but that is still twice as much as the EU limit of 50 micrograms per cubic metre.

Why You Need A Qualified Arborist For Tree Services

You can prune, trim or remove a tree on your own but you can never do it right unless you are an expert and you have the equipment. A qualified arborist can do tree services best.

Chemicals In Household Products – Dangers Big Manufacturers Are Hiding From The Public

We all are busy people. We want things to be fast and efficient. We also want to pay less, waste no time, get everything right here right now. Unfortunately, this attitude has lead manufacturers to cut corners: poor quality ingredients to keep prices low and super efficient but very toxic chemicals to get the job done fast.

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