30 Days of Wearing My Trash #shorts

Who Should Compost and Why?

In my opinion, every citizen on this earth who eats has a moral obligation to compost. At my house, it, together with the recycling program, has reduced the amount of garbage going to the landfill by about 80%! That is a staggering number! Imagine if everyone could reduce their garbage even by half, what a strain that would take off the landfill sites!

Greening Your Laundry Part 1

Whether you consider it relaxing or a necessary evil that really should be passed off to other people whenever feasible, there’s no escaping doing the laundry. And while doing the laundry is a positive thing for some, you will find plenty of negative impacts made on the environment from the task- washing clothes accounts for practically 80% of the clothing’s lifecycle impact!

The Benefits Of Using Solar Power Water Heater

People are getting more concerned with the condition of our environment. This is probably due to the increased awareness brought about by organizations advocating a cleaner and more eco-friendly lifestyle. And do you know that you can start right at your own home? For a start you can simply use a solar power water heater instead of the regular kind.

Eco-Friendly Ideas To Improve Your Home

Going ‘green” is not just a fad but in fact a philosophy and a way of life for many. The sooner we realize that this philosophy not only helps our environment and that it betters our lives, the healthier we make ourselves and our planet. Eco-friendly homes are economically in all aspects; they reduce your energy consumption and thereby bring down your daily costs too apart from being environment friendly. I have some ideas I’d like to share with you today that can help you become an Eco-friendly member of your community.

Green Energy Concepts of Today

Green energy is essentially energy that’s creation is either good for the environment, or one that doesn’t harm or use up resources in the environment. Some examples of this are…

Simple Tips and Tools to Make Composting an Easy Earth Day Resolution

I admit I’m not likely to be the greenest gal in the crowd, but when Earth Day rolls around each year I try to find a few areas for improvement. This year composting is my greener-living Earth Day resolution, and I find it’s really not too demanding if you have the right tools. These include an outdoor composting bin, preferably in a far corner of the yard, and a countertop composter. Now don’t be fooled by the name “countertop composter,” I’m not actually composting on my kitchen counter…

Solar Energy Could Power The Entire Earth Forever

One of the rising trends in renewable energy, green energy, and efficient and effective energy- is solar energy. Solar power is one of the easiest devices to construct and the overhead costs are pretty low and 100% recoupable often in the first couple of years.

Going Green Without Breaking The Bank

Many people hear the words “green” and “sustainable” and think that they only go with a certain lifestyle, or are not affordable or practical for the average person. While living in a solar-powered straw bale house with an organic garden is certainly one type of green living, the biggest part of it is just being mindful of the resources that we consume, and looking for ways to use less and to re-use or recycle those that we do need. With today’s rising energy costs and water shortages, most everyone should be able to use a few of these ideas to reduce both their carbon footprint and their energy bills.

Essential Facts You Should Know About Worm Composting

I wanted to find ways to reduce my household garbage and recycle vegetable scraps using earthworms, and discovered the perfect organic fertilizer in Earthworm Compost. It’s not hard to do, just about anyone can do it, one garbage bin at a time.

Eco-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas For Your Home

Eco-friendly bathrooms are the latest options for people who are looking at having a “green” bathroom. Not only do they look great but they are also immensely environment friendly. When one speaks about an eco-friendly bathroom remodeling one looks at using materials that are natural and are less harmful for the environment. From the cabinets to the floors and sinks every piece of furniture used in the bathroom is environment friendly.

The Marketing of ‘Green’

Marketing masterminds use ‘green’ to sway the public to buy their products. Many claims are untrue and the public’s health is being compromised.

How To Purchase Eco-Friendly Wood and Why It’s Important

Instead of completely avoiding the purchase of new wood products, consumers interested in the well being of the environment should instead seek to purchase wood products from environmentally conscience wood providers that are practicing sustainable and renewable forestry. What is sustainable and renewable forestry?

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