20 Ways to REDUCE your Holiday WASTE

Stamp Your Carbon Footprint With Eco-Friendly Flooring

If you are looking to remodel your floor, choose a flooring that is environmentally safe for you and your planet. There are safe eco-friendly choices of carpet, wood flooring, and natural stone tile that will improve your carbon footprint. Take a stance, and make a difference with your next flooring remodel project.

Keep Your Home Stress Free and Air Clean With House Plants

There are many types of houseplants around. Some are excellent for keeping the home stress free and the air clean.

What Are GMOs?

What are GMOs? They are engineered species straight out of science fiction. Learn why they are dangerous and why we must demand that our food supply be correctly labeled.

Points to Consider Before Starting Your Aquaponics System

We all agree that aquaponics is the thing to do right? If you’re here it means you want to know more about setting up your own aquaponics system.

How to Make an Off Grid Solar Power System Work For You

With the increase in price of crude oil and the increase in environmental damage due to global warming maybe it’s time to think of other alternative ways on how to generate electricity. One that is clean and renewable.

Choosing The Best Natural Stone Tile For Your Home Remodel

Remodeling your home with an environmental friendly Natural Stone Tile can give your home a unique beautiful look that will stand apart from any other home you see. A renovating your kitchen, bathroom, floors, or any other part of your home can cost a lot of money. Hiring a Professional Tile Installation Company will get the job done right. An experienced Tile Contractor can give you the help you need choosing the best tile for your remodel.

The Realities of Raising Chickens

The realities of raising chickens covers the basics of raising your own hens and collecting your own eggs right in your backyard. I wrote this article to explain how doable this pastime is.

Natural Stone Countertops That Add Value to Your Home

A new custom countertop for your kitchen will increase the value of your home. This is an upgrade that adds an aesthetic appeal you can enjoy for years to come. There are four popular choices of natural stone materials you can use to create a countertop masterpiece, and increase the value of your home.

Kitchen Gardens: Growing Your Own Food

This article highlights the many reasons why you should grow your own food like cost savings, sustainability, and taste. Also, this article provides tips on how to start your own kitchen garden like finding the right location, choosing the crops that are best for you, and providing protection for your garden.

How to Attract Birds With Trees and Shrubs

Putting in some honest time and effort will have a big pay off when it comes to attracting birds to your backyard. Your hard work and dedication will result in a yard with the right tree and shrub schematics and will benefit you, wildlife and your neighbors while making bird watching opportunities more bountiful. Your landscape will also have long-lasting resources that will benefit future generations to come by helping mother nature to sustain herself.

Five Simple Organic Gardening Tips

Learning the essentials behind organic gardening can help you reach the right path to making your very own “Garden of Eden”. The key to a success is patience and the willingness to get “muddy” along with these five simple tips.

5 Simple Tips to Grow a Vibrant and Healthy Organic Garden

There are several basic, simple processes that you can follow in order to improve the viability and fertility of your backyard gardens and create beds naturally. Here are practical and simple tips that you can use in your landscape and garden to grow fruits and vegetables you need without harmful chemicals and pesticides.

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