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Hello you beautiful Rebels and welcome Back to another video in today's video It is week three of the no spin Challenge let's go so just a quick recap In case you're new here every single January my family and I do the no spin Challenge here on YouTube we have been Doing the no spin challenge for about Seven years now we actually do it Constantly with little breaks in between And so every January we just share how We do things with all of you you get to Join us we hold each other accountable And we keep going and like I have said In past videos I have a no spend Challenge playlist you can check it out In the description of this video go look At it and just a quick note here some People get confused about what a no Spend challenge is it is about Prioritizing needs versus wants so You're focused on paying your mortgage Or paying your rent paying your bills Paying for your groceries but not going And spending money on wants so maybe you Reduce your takeout orders Maybe you Decide to unsubscribe from Netflix that Sort of thing and because I like to hold Us accountable I write down everything That we spend money on down on my phone In a notepad in the moment that we buy It so that I don't forget what we have Spent money on and in that sense it Holds us a bit accountable I then at the

End of the month take all my notes off My phone add it all up tally it up put It on an Excel document and then at the End of the year I can see month to month How much we have spent on things and so Far for week three of the no spin Challenge we have spent 55 on medication I use medication because I'm chronically Ill it does help me so we spend money on It and then we spent 86 dollars on empty Capsules you know like the capsules you Get for your medication or for your Vitamins I use those and I fill them Myself and that 86 dollars also includes In that one order cassava flour because That's what I use to bake with for Myself because I cannot handle other Flowers so that's what I use which means We have spent so far this month 176 Dollars on medication and food but this Is artificially low because we are doing A pantry challenge so we are eating Through the food we have and it is a lot Of food like To be honest we probably have I don't know we could probably go a Solid year without buying things like Lentils or beans or flour or pasta or Rice just because I do have that much Bulk food saved so our grocery costs are Artificially low due to the fact that we Have a lot of food that we can eat in The house I buy in bulk to save money so There's various reasons why it's low

This month that said I still have to buy A lot of my specialty food because I Can't handle other food that we have in Bulk in the house so I personally can't Eat lentils and beans I can't eat the Wheat flour I have a hard time with the Rice so I really don't touch those Foods So my family mainly eats those Foods so I still have to buy specialty flour for Myself because I go through it faster And I go through it faster because I Cannot find bulk bags of what I eat I Just cannot find them and it's actually Been a really good month so far because I like to go through our house once in a While and I like to sell things that we No longer need or want or don't use and So far I have made 590 dollars this Month on stuff we did not need or want Or use and I'm also trying to downsize a Bit in the kitchen so it's really it's Really helpful to make a little bit of Money back and so that's really good so That money will be going onto our Mortgage that we are slowly trying to Pay down And yeah I hope it makes a little bit of A dent if you are curious about how I Sell items and where I sell items I do Have a video about that I will link it In the description of this video and Hopefully it is helpful what I like to Do is I like to get a few boxes and Throughout the year I like to fill those

Boxes with things I don't want or don't Need or don't like or it doesn't fit or The it doesn't fit the kids or they Don't want it and I fill those boxes and I put them in my garage and in the Winter time I can finally get enough Time to sit down take pictures of those Items and put them up on the internet And then I see if they sell I really Like this pile method that I do because It gives me a few months to see if I Missed that item so if I add something To the pile let's say in you know March And it's still there in December when I'm going through the pile putting Things on the internet to sell And I haven't missed it I probably won't Miss it if I sell it so it makes a lot Of sense to me but usually by the time An item is placed in the pile it means That I'm just over it and I don't need It and I don't want it it's time to get Rid of it so the decision it has been Made I just have to go for the pile Eventually and take photos and do all That work and it definitely is work to Sell things on the internet I do get a Lot of questions about selling things Online I am not a reseller it is not my Job to sell things I don't do it I just Sell things we don't need or want or Whatever and it is work to reply to all The messages or take those nice photos Or explain the condition of something I

Go into detail because I don't want a Lot of questions but I still end up Getting the questions and the no shows And the people who go through days of Talking to me telling me they're gonna Show up for it and then don't so I think Um it's definitely something you need to Make time for if you're going to do it But what I find helps the most is to Already have your item at a low price so I usually don't get people whoggle with Me because they understand the value of The item and they understand it has Already been priced at a reasonable Price or very very low because I just Want to get rid of it and I figure any Money I recoup is good and I don't want To go through months of having it listed I just want it to go because if it goes Quickly it's less time spent answering Messages and haggling and doing all that Stuff so I really do recommend pricing Things at a reasonable price rather than Really really high because it just it'll Go faster yes I do find that selling Your stuff that you don't want does Relate to the no spend challenge because You are gaining a bit of money back that You can put towards your debt or for Saving for something or what have you But also I find that the no spin Challenge is about Simplicity or at Least I find it's about Simplicity You're simplifying your budget you're

Simplifying your wants resistor needs You're simplifying your environment if You're like going through everything and You're downsizing and you're asking Yourself do I truly want this do I Really like this would I buy this now Does it fit me do I want it do I use it I find it relates because you're just Simplifying your whole life and so if You do end up selling something and Gaining a bit of money and that goes Towards your overall dream or your Overall goal perfect I also find going Through your things as a practice of Gratitude and it's a practice of putting In perspective the amount of money you May have spent on something that you no Longer need or no longer want or no Longer like and so I like to ask myself How much did I spend on this item Do I even like it have I even used it Did I ever even enjoy it and sometimes We're going back seven years ago when I First started doing this It was very enlightening to see the Amount of money I had spent on things That I didn't need or the multiples of Things I had that I didn't need Multiples of so it was really Interesting to see the amount of money I Had spent and how little I got for those Items when I sold them let's take the Car for example you drive it off the lot Let's say six months later it's pretty

Much a new car it's a new car still the Interior looks great no scratches no Dings nothing you just have decided you Don't like the car anymore you decide to Sell it you're already getting a lot Less for that car just because you drove It off the lot I've had it for six Months and you can still go to the lot And buy that same car on the lot brand New it's just that your car is worth Less because you have left the store of It and that can be applied to anything Which honestly is the reason why I like Secondhand shopping so I strive to buy As much as I can second hand and it's The first place I go is to find things Second hand either online or in thrift Stores because I can find them for a lot Less than I can inside stores and so it Helps your budget a lot to be honest the Only items that I will spend more on is When I know that I am paying the maker Directly so if someone makes a coat and That's what they do and they're well Made coats and they are a maker of coats I will pay full price for that item to The maker knowing I'm supporting them But when it comes to bigger stores or Bigger corporations I just don't find It's the same thing I would rather go Directly to a farmer and pay a bit more Than the grocery store because I know That farmer and so I want to support my Local community I want to support my

Local makers and friends but I don't Want to support corporations in the same Way so That's the way I see things so what I'm Really talking about is being Intentional with your money where it Goes what you choose to spend money on Why you're spending that money on the Item who you're choosing to support Whether it be a maker or a corporation Or a local farmer or a local grocery Store being intentional with your money I find goes further than the object you Are purchasing anyways money is a Complex thing we can use it as a tool we Can be intentional with it we can strive To make our money work for us we can Strive to have our money go towards our Goals and our dreams we can do the best We can with what we have and sometimes It can work and sometimes you get thrown Something totally random like an Emergency which has happened to us all We can do is try our best day by day Week by week month by month and so with This no spend challenge I hope you are Doing well on it how are you doing in Week three let me know down in the Comment events and that is it for Today's video get dirty stay magical Peace bye