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4 Types Of Eco Friendly Flooring

If you are considering getting new flooring, then you should think about buying something that is eco friendly. Not only will this help reduce the strain on the planet but it can also be healthier for your family too!

Go Green At Work – 10 Easy Ways For Doing Your Bit

We all know about the importance of doing something for the environment. We believe that doing our part will make a little difference in the worsening scenario. Although we are not sure of how much of an effect would small efforts make on a larger scale, there are those small changes we can always make at the office that can make a significant difference.

Solar Workshop

Energy makes the world go round, but energy concentrates like fossil fuels are in limited supply They are also very addicting so the demand for oil increases while the supply of oil decreases. Americans have become addicted to petroleum in the same way children have become dependent on candy and other high-energy foods.

Cheap Composting Techniques for Cold Season

September is almost gone, and into October, those cold winter months are dawning. What will happen to your compost in this fall time of uncertain temperatures? Don’t you want to find out how to get the best compost even in the uncertain changing temperatures of the fall and winter season?

Green Furniture – What Is It and How Do We Make It?

It is becoming more obvious every day that we currently live in an era where “going green” has become quite fashionable. Determining what is considered environmentally friendly is much like trying to describe beauty; it really comes down to what is in the eyes of the beholders. So, the concept of making green furniture or eco friendly furniture is really quite appropriate and in line with the ongoing trend to be green. However, what qualifies a piece of furniture as being green is open for discussion.

Do You Need To Know About Reclaimed Materials?

Construction and reconstruction is what happens in the modern urbanized world. Old buildings are destroyed and new buildings are constructed, all the time and everywhere. This is the age of environmentalism which upholds three principles, namely, ‘recycle, reuse and reduce’ and it is necessary to think seriously about managing reclaimed materials or salvaged building materials.

Tips for Recycling Styrofoam

All the goods in the world come wrapped in Styrofoam packaging. Usually they are wrapped in Styrofoam boxes that can be reused in many different ways. Many people choose to discard the Styrofoam packaging at a landfill, because it is the easiest and most comfortable way to get rid of foam.

Saving Water Through Our Daily Lives

For me, green living has always been about taking care of and being aware of our natural surroundings and resources. Water is one valuable resource that is often used with little thought to how precious it really is. With that in mind, here are some ways you can reduce your water consumption.

Tax Incentives For Green Living And Efficiency

Now is the best time to explore financial incentives and other tax benefits that are designed to encourage individuals to go green. In the U.S., the Federal Government alone offers a range of financial incentives such as home loans and tax credits for installing insulation in your house, replacing windows or even for hooking up a solar hot water heater. Aside from federal incentives, almost every state in the U.S. offer additional local incentives to residents.

How Do Wind Turbines Generate Electricity?

If you want to learn how wind turbines work then take a look at this article. The wind turbine moves when the wind blows. Nothing to tough there.

The Science of Alternative Energy Sources

Michael Harvey can be considered a name in alternative energy circles that is increasing in popularity. How could he not be making a well known name for himself? He is the creator of Earth4Energy which is a system details to you how to build inexpensive solar panels.

Eco-Furniture: The Future

Eco-furniture is a product that is changing the future.ย  This particular furniture is made from reclaimed lumber and recycled poly-wood.ย  Reclaimed lumber comes from old wood growth.

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