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Foreign [Music] Hello you beautiful Rebels and welcome Back to another video in today's video We are eating stuff Um Today's Breakfast is peach jam Homemade peach jam with peanut butter on Toast Good from the summer eh yep memories of The summer in the winter I'm gonna go daddy thanks man Oh you left me a little piece thank you I love happy eating bread Oh you want it now But I thought you gave it to me You didn't give it to me today And before we get on with the rest of The video let me introduce today's Sponsor compliment This way I find that most people myself Included don't often have all the time In the world to track all the nutrients The vitamins and everything going into Their diet and as a busy parent I often Don't have the time to track it either So I like to turn to complement Essential multivitamins as I find these Are really easy it's three pills per day You can take one in the morning Afternoon and at night or take all three At once if you want seriously though the Patching is pretty cool it is Compostable and biodegradable which you Can see on the back here they give you a

Nice glass jar to stick them in keep Them fresh and easy to find because you Can't lose this it does include B12 D3 DHA EPA iodine K2 zinc magnesium and Selenium made by vegans for vegans and This is good for anyone not just people On a plant-based diet so check it out Because I'm a go-getter I like to take All three at once so here's two more Down the hatchet For me personally I like having a bit of An insurance policy on my health and Taking a multivitamin three times a day Is a pretty easy win don't forget to Click the link in the description go Check out complement essential Multivitamin and their other products And now on to the rest of the video so That was breakfast homemade peach jam Peanut butter toast but now I'm going to Be making chili and I'm going to be Using a lot of stuff that came out of The garden last year that I preserved so Right here we have four jars of tomato Sauce from the garden from last summer We have an onion here that I stored I Have some zucchini here that I pulled Out of the freezer yesterday so it is Completely not frozen anymore it kind of Looks mushy but it should be fine and Chilly because I like to use everything Even if it's mushy Thank you It's a little warm in here it's a little

Bit warmer in here good Very cold out today Is this enough And Peppa is too cold Running out of kale in the greenhouse to Harvest Not much left really nice to have fresh Green stuff in the middle of winter No no slowly Can I get food Good job Assistant oh there's some stuck to you Right there Oh wow did Mommy give you a sharp knife [Laughter] We have a very Rudy carrot here I think It's trying to regrow So we're gonna clean this off and um Let's get it this is putting our soup I'm gonna add in some of these foraged Dried ramps from last year so these are From last spring [Music] [Music] Not too bad [Music] That's too much adding in some Freeze-dried garlic from the garden from Last year The last month or so I've been freeze Drying a lot of stuff from the garden Including garlic I'm gonna add in some of these sun-dried Tomatoes

These are also from the garden these are Frozen spring onions from the garden I'm gonna add in a handful of this This is my lentil container Good There's enough salt so in the summer Months we'll go strawberry picking and Blueberry picking apple picking Everything picking and then we will Freeze the strawberries I also have a Ton of frozen rhubarb and so today we're Going to be making rhubarb strawberry Crumble All right so we have the lentil chili Soup thing going and we have the rhubarb Strawberry crumble in the oven right now Are you excited yes you already have Soup on your face This right here is elderberry syrup I Made it at the beginning of December and This is made from foraged elderberries Because I do not have any in my backyard And if I planted them in my backyard It's so small they'd just be consumed by Elderberry bushes Questions This right here has cloves in it it has Cinnamon it has a bit of Echinacea it Has as much as I could find that is good For immunity and fighting colds and Things like that this is lunch today and Tonight I think I'm just going to keep It simple we're probably going to eat These leftovers because that's what

Makes sense since I made such a big pot And so we'll probably be eating lentil Chili tonight too except with a side of Rice What do you think of your creation yummy [Music] Sun-dried tomatoes yeah nice Whose idea was that Mom Alford's moms I put in you did yep did You help her do all this yeah good job It's definitely good on toast it's like A nice little melange All right it is the end of the day here I am super tired I am wrecked I'm so Tired so it's a good thing I made all The food this morning all at a time when I was less tired this is the crumble and You can see exactly where Indy came and Put his finger in it I'm still saying This is a crumble when in reality it's Too soggy to be an actual crumble Because a crumble is dry and as you can Tell with my crumble it is not dry it it Did it turned out very very it's a I Don't even know what it is a wet crumble A non-crumble a wet thing Baked good I really don't know what to Call this a soggy crumble a soggy baked Good that still tastes good I hope well It smells good even though it is super Soggy I'm not gonna pretend these things Don't happen they definitely happen Sometimes you just have soggy baked Goods and it just has to be good enough

To eat and it probably will taste okay Even though it looks absolutely awful Life sometimes things don't happen the Way you intend and this soggy crumble Was definitely one of them Indy is very Excited he came running do you have a Spoon There's our little Tower but it's good Okay good to do and that is it for Today's video if you would like to check Out compliment essential vitamins go Click the link in the description Joseph Loves them takes them every day I hope You liked today's video get dirty stay Magical peace bye