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Paper Vs Electronic Billing

Reader Mike sent me a private message asking if I had any rationale to help him overcome his reticence in utilizing electronic billing, giving up his beloved paper bills that are mailed through the post office. He likes the concept of e-billing, but has strong reservations he wants to overcome. He’s wondering what kinds of billing solutions my readers use, without getting environmental rhetoric. I have some ideas for myself, but others may have more and better ideas.

Paper or Plastic?

My own, thank you. I bought my first reusable grocery bags in the 1983. I still have them, and use them too. They are rainbow colored string bags — rainbow in that one’s hot pink, another is teal, and another purple. I also have natural colored ones. Add to that starting collection various canvas and recycled woven plastic and I have an most impressive shopping collection of bags.

Hidden Electric Consumption

You may have gathered my tendency to be energy conserving in my daily life. It’s almost a game with me to see how little energy I can consume without going “cavewoman”. Each time I find a new energy saving measure to adopt I glow with excitement!

Push Reel Lawn Mowers: Saving the Environment and Money

Push reel manual powered lawn mowers may seem like an anachronism from a past century, but modern technology has perfected this once old fashioned method of cutting grass. Today it is both effective, cost efficient, and a green alternative for responsible living.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: How You Can Play Your Part in the Green Revolution

How often have you heard ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’? Do you really get what it’s all about? Find out what this simple mantra means and how everyone can do their bit to help towards big changes in the way we treat the environment now and in the future.

Welcome Rainwater Into Your Life: Install A Rain Water Tank

There are many reasons to install a rain water tank. They include being able to save water and save money, adding value to your home and enabling you to bypass any water restrictions. These water tanks will also add value to your home.

How To Construct An Easy To Build Wind Turbine

Constructing a small wind generator is more than just a cool project for the DIY person. It empowers the house owner to make its own electricity and to become self sufficient and in some cases even sell extra electricity to the utility company.

Free Solar Panels – Are They Good for Me?

If you’ve seen an advert for “free solar panels” you may have ignored it as just another marketing gimmick but apparently there are ways for consumers to get a domestic solar PV system installed at little or no cost. Due to the introduction of the UK feed in tariff of 2010, there are now significant monetary gains to be made from generating “green” electricity from Solar Photovoltaic Panels.

Mopping My Bamboo Floor

I used to feel like Cinderella, the servant, when cleaning my hardwood floors. Cleaning my bamboo flooring is easy now, lifting me from that servant feeling.

Discover Great Tips To Save Energy At Home

Do you want to help in saving our environment? You can begin by following some of the easy tips to save energy that I have written in this article. This is because if we concentrate on using less electricity or fuel, there is so much contribution we could get going for our planet Earth.

The Green Standard

So what is Green Construction really? There are a lot of builders that are jumping on the band wagon proclaiming their conversions to “Green” that are using the same products they used when “not green”. It reminds me of when so many food producers were claiming their products to be organic when the only organic product used was the diesel to power their tractors.

Lighting for Outdoors

Ouray County, the pretty little county where we live in western Colorado, has a Dark Skies law. It was passed to preserve our ability to enjoy the stars in all of their twinkling glory. It’s a good concept, though the law is a bit more stringent than we would like. It really hampered our outdoor lighting options.

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