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Go Green In Your Kitchen

Green is not a just color, it’s a belief system and a conscious choice for a healthier life style. Decide once and for all to eliminate pesticides, herbicides, and genetically modified foods from your diet.

Bamboo – Sustainable or Not?

We hear a lot about how Bamboo is a sustainable product to be using around the home, but this article takes you into the details of why this is so. Learn what makes a product sustainable and why you should be using Bamboo.

Why You Need To Consider Using Bamboo Products

Bamboo products are all the rage nowadays, and this article discusses why that is so. A versatile, eco-friendly product, bamboo is also cheap and beautiful to look at, making it the perfect choice.

How To Use Drip Irrigation To Conserve Water

One of the best ways to keep your garden looking its best without wasting a drop of water is by installing a drip irrigation system. These easy-to-install water conservation systems are made of a hose with tiny holes along its length that can be placed right beside the roots of your plants so water is only delivered to the places plants need water the most.

5 Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day for Young Children

One of the most difficult, yet rewarding things to teach children is how they connect to the earth. Ecological concepts of global climate change and carbon footprints are beyond the understanding of young children, but everyone can learn to view natural environments and resources as precious and worthy of care. Here are 5 lessons even our youngest global citizens can learn and appreciate.

Recycled Water: Wastewater Poised to Be a Significant Source of The Nation’s Water Supply

Using wastewater for water consumption may be controversial. However, a report released on Tuesday from Congress’s science advisory group, the National Research Council, suggests that treated wastewater has the potential to be a large component of the nation’s future water supply.

Rainwater Harvesting – Top 5 Benefits of Collecting Rainwater

Is rainwater harvesting beneficial or is it just a waste of time? Taking steps to conserve natural resources is essential for sustaining the environment and protecting our water source is a necessity. Without water the human race cannot survive, so anything that is done to preserve the earth’s supply is beneficial.

Water Saving Tips – 4 Tips for Water Conservation

The Earth is 70% water, so it leads to many people believing that it can be used as much as wanted. However, there are some problems with water, commonly due to lack of rainfall in areas. It leads to searching for water saving tips while the draught periods happen.

Organic Gardening – Living Green

Perhaps you have heard about this common line, prevention is better than cure. These days, people are more careful of what they put inside their body. Many people are influenced to live healthy because it is a great way to prevent occurrence of diseases and infection.

Five Simple Tips for Water Conservation at Home

Many families and individuals are taking steps to conserve water at home. Excessive use of water can cause high municipal bills, environmental damage, and can dry up a private residential well. By conserving water, it’s possible to save money while helping the environment.

3 Popular Renewable Energy Types to Invest In

Do you want to invest into something that will not only give you a hefty amount of profit, but will promote a better environment as well? Or just want to help save the planet for future generations to live in? Look no further – invest in a renewable energy project today.

Reasons Why Open Access Can Work for Renewable Energy

Renewable energy, no matter what form or type it is, can be a beneficial and promising business venture. Yet, with the total and underlying stand of fossil-fuel based power plants, not to mention the monopoly of businesses pushing for these “dirty” power suppliers, it may take quite some time for renewable energy to actually power an entire nation.

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