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How Much Does Solar Power Cost for Us?

You should not ask yourself how much does solar power cost but rather ask yourself how much money I will save. The more you read and learn about solar power, the more you will understand just how much does solar power cost. You are probably still wondering, so how much does it cost…

Don’t Think You Need a A Portable Solar Power Supply? Think Again

What better way to help safeguard your home and family then having a portable solar power supply? It has more uses than just in an emergency situation. It also has the solar power benefit of letting you get to know solar power in an inexpensive way.

Tips for Going Green Now

Have you ever thought about helping the environment? Have you ever ask yourself how can I help by going green? Today I am going to show you some ways to go green plus save money doing it, starting today?

8 Great Reasons To Go Solar

There are many reasons and benefits of going solar for your home. Solar power has been increasing in popularity for years and many people think it will be a major source of power in the years to come. The larger truth sometimes escapes people in that there are a lot of advantages in solar energy not evident on the surface.

Being Water Efficient – The Best Irrigation Solution

Subsurface Textile Irrigation, although relatively new, is one of the most water efficient watering methods available. Useful in many applications including agriculture, sports turf and even home lawns and gardens it uses as much as 60% less water than surface solutions such as sprinklers. STI also provides a safe, reliable way to irrigate with, or disperse of recycled water.

Don’t Get Greenwashed: Five Ways to Bypass the Green Hype and Have a Sustainable Remodel

The gaining momentum of the Environmental Movement and increasing concerns with energy consumption have made it profitable for many construction and contracting companies to run marketing and PR campaigns that tout their environmentally friendly products, services, and policies. Often times, however, their products and services have a minimal reduction on environmental impact or energy expenditure. Nonetheless, there are still several easy ways to undertake a home improvement project or home renovation that are truly as energy efficient and environmentally sustainable as possible.

Get Green By Getting Solar Power At Home

In today’s life we find that there are a number of methods which are used on powering a home. Examples of these ways are use of biomass, wind, wave, solar and electric power among others. In this article we will look into details on solar power while the rest we will in short see what they are all about.

Solar Panel Electricity – What Benefits Can You Get?

Solar panel is mainly a small package that holds a collection of solar cells, that actually help in converting sunlight into electricity or power that can be of great help in our homes thus we can say that we have solar electricity as the power is basically obtained from the sun through the use of solar panel that convert the sun to electricity. Solar cells are able to produce a significant amount of power that can produce electricity.

How To Create A Solar Panel

In order to change sun’s energy to power it is a wise decision to create a solar panel but do it at home is not an easy job and someone who is lazy or not determined should not attempt it only those who are ready to commit themselves to that kind of work and they should be hardworking. Creating a solar panel regardless of the work being tiresome it is an enjoyable short project and a good one for he who want to stop spending much money on electricity.

Home With Solar Panels – What Are The Advantages?

In this article we will discuss about home with solar panels and some useful information about it. We will still look some of the benefits of home with solar panels and their disadvantages and at the end of this article we will see why advisable for someone to switch to this type of renewable energy. The energy of the sun is the most abundant energy obtainable on planet and it is converted through solar panels.

Solar Power In Home – How To Achieve It?

This article will be more about solar power in home but first of all we will have to understand that solar power is achieved from sun and the conversion of sun energy to solar power is done by photovoltaic. Apart from solar power there are other methods of getting power in you home and they are electricity, wind, micro CHP and magnetic power among others. Many people who own homes are looking for method which can make their electricity bills lower and if you are one of these people then I have good news for you. Solar energy is very cheap and it does not require any maintenance fees, once you have installed nothing more is required from you.

Solar Panels Installation – How To Do It?

In this article we will be looking on solar panels installation but before we get in to that it is very essential for us to understand what solar panel is. Actually it is an electrical tool which is used to convert sunlight to power and they vary in types. For instance, water heating systems, PV electric solar panels, evacuated solar tubes among others and each type has got its main purpose. We will now look very briefly on solar panel installation.

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