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How Alkyd Coatings Turned Green

Because of the good performance of alkyd-based paints, paint manufacturers engineered the once-solvent-based formulation and turned them into environment-friendlier products. Know the challenges and obstacles that went along with this re-engineering, and how designers successfully turned alkyds green.

Your Healthy Home: Water Saving Tips in the Kitchen

Have you wondered how you could save water and reduce your water bill in your home? To save water anywhere in our home takes a conscious effort to change our current habits. Even during droughts, there were things we were doing in our daily routine that could have saved water and money if we’d known how and made the decision to re-think our daily routine. Read this article to learn how to save water in the kitchen.

Green New Year’s Resolutions

As we resolve to do something to improve ourselves like investing in a locking mailbox, we can make simple cost saving ways to improve our environment. You say you have been recycling for several years now. You are taking your old motor oil to a safe depository. You say you don’t place outgoing mail in your mailbox. Good for you. You’re on the right track. Still, there is one ecological problem cities are finding today. Save the environment. Save the green you have worked hard to acquire.

Your Healthy Home: Water Saving Tips

This article will tell you how to develop conservation and resource saving habits and make your own important contribution to the health of our planet by learning how to conserve water. By following the following tips, you will also save money every month on your water bill.

Benefits of Going Green

Just in case you’re wondering, green is considered to be the new black and has been quite the craze these days. Some people are changing their old ways into becoming more environmentally cautious. Besides, once you know the benefits of going green, you’ll be settling with a greener lifestyle for a long haul.

Natural Sources For Green Energy

With the ever increasing energy consumption and the depleting of the earth’s non-renewable energy source, ways of finding and using natural energy sources are in motion. Finding and using natural energy sources can be both beneficial and difficult. Countries are slowly using renewable energy as a major source of energy and showing economic benefits especially in many areas. Wind is a very reliable element to producing natural green energy. This type of natural energy produces no harmful gases and totally safe for our environment.

Solar Power Systems Are The Next Big Thing

With the numerous drawbacks from fossil fuels, we can’t simply ignore the fact that it has changed world. Leaning towards cleaner and better sources is the only solution.

Homemade Solar And Wind Power For Your Home: Should You Go Green With Your Family?

Homemade solar and wind power for your home has never been a better investment into your home. Energy efficient homes are become more and more popular due to the cost saving effects of having a self sufficient home. Whether you choose solar or wind power or a combination of both plus a solar water heater, now is definitely the practical time to buy a green home or convert your own home to alternative energy. Why not create a family project out of going green?

Getting Started in Urban Homesteading Today

So you’ve decided that urban homesteading makes sense to you, now what? How do you start lessening your dependence on the support systems of modern society? The first thing to ask yourself is why do I want to do this? Know your motivation.

How To Build A Solar Panel: Materials, Tools and Instructions

Have you ever been curious about how to build a solar panel for your home? Solar panels have been around for decades, even helping in the space investigations. Until recently, most people had no idea how this complicated type of technology could be used to power an average-sized home to meet electricity needs.

Solar Panels Installation – Save Yourself Money With These Solar Collection Systems

Most people have just one question about solar panels installation, and that is, do solar panels have to be installed on the roof? The truth of the matter is no. However, there are numerous benefits to putting solar panels on the roof.

Do It Yourself Solar And Wind Power For Homes: The Real Story

Do it yourself solar and wind power for homes is a home improvement many consider. The reasons are diverse: to help save the planet, to live a natural life close to the source, to reduce utility bills, to be in charge and conscious of one`s own power usage. If the reasons are so strong and the planet in deep need of healing, why isn`t everyone converting to solar and wind at home?

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