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Choosing Solar Vs Propane Heating Systems

If you hadn’t noticed, I am for reducing the US’s reliance on oil, especially foreign oil. I’m also strongly in favor of using renewable energy instead of oil for heating and transportation. My quest to reduce our reliance on propane is causing me to balance our budget with my ethics and environmental stance. In other words, I’ve hit a moral, for me, dilemma.

Creating Energy – The Photovoltaic Cell

The sun can produce more energy in one (1) hour than all the nations can produce in one year. The sun has a life expectancy of another five billion years; fossil fuels are to run near dry around the year 2050, so they estimate.

Green Living – Renewable Energy Solutions

If you are interested in knowing how to generate power and reduce your electricity bills or even totally eliminate them, use of solar and wind power is here. The threat of global warming and the ever increasing cost of energy presents a great time to stop throwing money down the drain and save by generating electricity at home. This can be accomplished by building your own systems.

Green Tips to Adopt for a Green Lifestyle Easily

Summarised below are some green tips that you can adopt for a green lifestyle easily! All these tips are selected based on their ease of adopting and effectiveness.

Solar Energy And Photovoltaics Explained

When we’re looking to be kind to the environment, one of our greatest difficulties is on recycling along with keeping down our utilization of energy. For these objectives, solar energy is the perfect choice all-round, as it’s not harmful by any means to the environment, and simply converts radiation from the sun into energy.

Recycling Batteries

I was speechless. After all that I have heard about the importance of recycling batteries, and all of the effort I go to so I can recycle them, I was dumbfounded when an employee at Boulder’s Hazardous Materials facility, operated by Waste Management, told me the batteries I was bringing in didn’t need to be recycled and he would throw them away.

Knowledge IS Power: A Review Of The Wind and Solar Workshop In Arizona

Knowledge Really IS Power… 3 Power-Packed Days! Read on for the full Review of the Wind & Solar Power Workshop.

Going Green on the Cheap

How would you like to know the secret to sparkling countertops, glass, and other surfaces in your home? I am gonna give it to you – and it costs less than 25 cents a spray bottle!

5 Things to Do on Earth Day

Earth Day has become a traditional celebration in many countries of the world. Senator Gaylord Nelson founded the celebration for the first time in April 22, 1970. Every year at the same date, millions of people remember to do something for the environment.

Tips When Considering Solar Panels For Homes

Sunlight converted to electricity through devices such as solar panels for homes is an example of green technology at work. The vast majority of electricity energy sources used around the world utilize the burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil in power stations. Many believe this type of energy conversion to be harmful, non sustainable and contribute to the warming of the earth with possible serious consequences.

Enjoying an Eco-Friendly Winter Holiday Season!

What is a better way to reflect on the bountiful reasons for thanks this holiday season by celebrating in an eco-friendly manner this year? It seems that between thanksgiving and Christmas travel, waste, and consumption reach their highest levels and it’s hard to know where to draw the line.

How To Design Solar Power Systems

If you are interested in designing your own solar system, this article will give you some insight into the positives and negatives of doing it yourself or employing a company to do it for you. Emphasis will be placed on the prerequisites for design and helping you comprehend the most essential stages of solar energy design and style.

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