Winona LaDuke on the New Green Revolution with Hemp

Sustainable Furniture and Home Wares for the Future

What is fair trade? This article helps your conscience decide to use and buy sustainable furniture and home wares.

Installing Solar – Some Basic Tips

Are you considering installing a solar power system but you don’t quite know how the process works or where to start? With the right information you can get solar installed more easily and less expensively that you may have initially though.

Energy Efficient Homes

If you’re looking around for ways to save money, and you have budgeted everywhere but are still falling short, then it’s time to take a look at your home. Your home could be draining your bank account. Most of us will not look at the home for solutions that pertain to saving money, but your home has a lot to do with the amount of money you spend each month.

Solar Panels – Different Types Available

This article explains the different types of solar panels available. It talks about the different efficiencies of different systems.

The Best Tool For Comparing Energy Rates

Comparing price rates and comparing energy rates of company by visiting the companies can be tiresome and strenuous. Instead Internet can be effectively used for determining the proportions being at the homely ambience.

Wind Power Generator – Functions and Use

Electricity is the prima facie need of any civilization in modern times. It helps us in our daily existence as it is the source of power for several houses that are slaves under certain modern amenities like computer, heating unit, cooling unit etc. Several power stations and generators that provide electricity produce this form of energy only after burning huge amount of natural resources and fossils like coal or petroleum. With the explosion on population need of power is also high.

Wind Power Electricity and Its Benefits

Electricity can be obtained from several sources. Nowadays they are mostly prepared in power stations were the generators are powered by all kinds of combustive fuels obtained from natural resources like petroleum or coal. Solar energy and wind energy are alternatives for these fossils. They are gathering attention in modern times because they do not produce harmful by products and are eco-friendly.

Solar Panels – What Are The Problems With Them?

Installing solar panels brings so many advantages, that it can sound to good to be true. This article considers the disadvantages of solar panels for your home.

Why Clean Green?

In recent years, the environmentally-friendly lifestyle has swept the nation and has become not only a trend, but a passion – or perhaps even a religion – for some. If you’ve caught on to the eco-conscious movement and have seen some of the green cleaning products on the market, you may be wondering whether or not your new green approach really has to encompass your cleaning habits as well. While it’s certainly a personal decision, there are clearly some benefits to cleaning green.

The Proper Installation of Solar Panels

There are some critical matters to consider when installing solar panels on the roof of your home. A proper and conforming installation will give long and lasting benefits to the householder. A poorly installed system will underperform and be the source of great annoyance and frustration. The tips discussed in this article will guide you to a successful installation.

Solar Panels and Government Schemes Available

Solar panel owners are eligible for various government schemes in the UK. This articles discusses the pros and cons of how the government encourage people to install them.

Composting Facts – 10 Facts About Composting

Composting is a wonderful strategy to create stimulants and fertilizer for your garden or lawn and is an eco-friendly strategy to help resolve the existing land fill dilemma. In this short article, we are going to examine 10 facts about composting.

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