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End Hard Water Problems in Your Home or Office With a Healthy, Chemical-Free No Salt Water Softener

Using a standard ion exchanging water softener to tackle your hard water problems is a lot like substituting one hazard to get rid of another. Sure, it reduces the buildup of mineral deposits on your fixtures and faucets, but it uses large amounts of energy and leaves you with huge amounts of water contaminated by exorbitant levels of sodium. A better solution for your health and the health of the environment is a salt free water softener.

Recycled Glass Tiles: Trendy And Green

Glass tile is all the rage in interior decorating right now, but the real star is recycled glass tile. Both trendy and good for the earth, read on to learn why your next decorating project should involve recycled glass tiles.

Using Solar Power and Other Methods to Green Your House

If you are thinking of major ways to green your home, you should be aware that there are various options. Using solar power via panels and water heaters is a good idea, and is one of the most popular options.

Reconditioning Deep Cycle Batteries For Solar or Wind Turbine Power System

If you are setting up a solar or wind turbine power system you will need a number of deep cycle batteries to store your power. They are not cheap and are a big percentage of the system cost. If you can find used ones for free or cheap that have been discarded, you could save a lot of money by reconditioning them yourself.

Homeowners Benefit From Online Advantages, Yet Products Online May Lead to Excess Spending

When shopping online hardware specialty merchandise, websites often suggest accessories. Careful! They may not be a perfect selection for your project. Materials designated as “Required Accessories” can be mismatched or unnecessary for the on-line shoppers’ particular job. Purchasing them may lead to setbacks and frustration.

Eco-Friendly Packing and Storage

In today’s ecologically-conscious environment, people are taking a second look at the way that they go about processes that never evoked a moment’s consideration before. One area in which recycling and reducing your carbon footprint can make a difference is when considering packing and storage. Whether you are moving across the country or just across town, and even when packing up your things is simply to make space or to accommodate a renovation, the way that you pack up your belongings can be either wasteful or can show an interest in conservation; and recycling and being environmentally conscious…

The Eco-Friendly Side of Alexander Rose Garden Furniture

Alexander Rose garden furniture is enduringly popular and seriously desirable. So what makes Alexander Rose garden furniture so special? Here we look the eco-friendly ethos behind Alexander Rose.

Converting To A Solar Home

There are many affordable options to convert your home into a solar home and solar energy technologies can supply for several different uses in a solar home. Passive solar design can provide heating, cooling and natural light for your home. Solar electricity options are available to power home appliances and solar water heating can provide hot water options for laundry and general household water use (showers, cooking, cleaning).

Care and Maintenance of Solar Panels

While many people think it’s difficult, the care and maintenance of solar panels is actually quite simple. They do not have moving parts, so they do not need to be regularly maintained. Some maintenance, though, like cleaning and even repair work is always in order if they are to last as long as they should.

Why We Need Alternative Power Sources

The world’s dependency on fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas has not only become costly but is quickly destroying our planet. Alternative power sources are really needed to help curb these effects and reverse the negative impact on our environment.

Self-Storage Steel Buildings Can Be Green Too!

Commercial buildings, residential apartments, and hotels have been spearheading the road towards energy-efficient green buildings. We’ve seen drastic developments in these industries, but what’s the next big thing in green building? Believe it or not, self storage facilities and steel buildings are quietly but decidedly moving towards environmental awareness and energy efficiency.

Green Home Building Alternatives That Can Save Money: Rammed Earth, Pumice-Crete

Rammed earth is a very old building system. There are examples still in use in the United States dating from the 1850s and in China from the 16-century Ming th Dynasty. The modern-day technique for rammed earth uses high-tech, reusable concrete forms, form clips, and snap ties, engineered and stabilized soils, and pneumatic tampers to compress the soil mixture. Pumice-Crete is a lightweight concrete mixture using pea-sized pumice for the aggregate and just enough Portland cement and water to lightly coat each pebble. When it is mixed with the proper proportions and placed in concrete forms it “honeycombs,” trapping air throughout the wall between each piece of pumice. Too much water and Portland compromises the insulative properties by filling in all the air spaces with cement, while not enough water and Portland weakens the wall.

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