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How Living More Environmentally Will Change Your Life

“Green living” has lately become very popular among not only hippies and environment-nerds, but the general population as well. If you haven’t taken the plunge into trying to live a more environmentally friendly life, you might be asking yourself how will living more environmentally affect your life? It is a fantastic question, and we will discuss the impacts of a green lifestyle within this article.

Going Green – Some Easy and Some Hard Ways to Go Green

Going green has always been an interest for me. In this article I have outlined a few simple green tips that will help you around the house. Some are easy and can be done on a weekend and some are more involved and will take a while to complete.

Tankless Water Heaters: The Top Five Benefits of a Tankless Water Heater

Tankless water heaters are a great green option for your home or business. They offer significant benefits versus traditional water heaters. So here are the top five benefits of a tankless water heater.

Taking a Green Lifestyle to the Office

Many people have “gone green” at home and want to take this frame of mind to the office in order to lessen the carbon footprint at work. Those who have a company that respects this thought probably already have some great recycling programs in place but there is more that can be done by individuals to help with the ecology. The following are some ways that employees can take the green lifestyle to the office: ย  ยท Reusable Dishes – Many offices provide a kitchen or canteen area where employees can eat their meals and take…

Creative Ways To Recycle Grocery Bags

Every time you go grocery shopping, you return home with several bags. Here are some great ideas for making sure they do not go to waste.

Three Simple Ways to Go Green Today

Families today use a great deal of electricity in the home as well as other items that leaves a carbon footprint that can affect the lives of generations for many decades to come.ย  For this reason, it is important to set up a system of reducing the amount of waste that each family uses for the benefit of the future.ย  This is not a new concept but some families are just now making the decision to be more environmentally friendly.

Four Simple Steps to Make Your Energy Go Further

Most homes use more energy than their owners realise. Here are some simple steps you can take today to cut your energy consumption, cut your power bills, and make your off-grid power go a lot further.

Home Additions – Going Green With Your Home

If you’re planning on some new home additions and you’ve had green remodeling on the brain then this is the perfect opportunity to start moving in a new direction with your home. There’s a different take on going green though; while saving the environment is great there are also a number of health benefits that come from doing a green remodeling and building home additions with the environment in mind.

Why Solar Energy Is the Answer

The ever-increasing need for energy resources has urged scientists to research new ideas and resources that can aide in producing energy in cleaner ways. In ways that will help preserve our planet. Renewable energy is clean, green and comes in a limitless supply. Unlike fossil fuels, which are non-renewable and are very harmful to the environment due to the greenhouse gasses they emit. Putting research and effort into converting to green energy is very necessary because it supplies us with energy that will power our planet today and also in the future.

Home Power Generator – Who Needs It?

There are many reasons to consider making your own home power generator. The rising cost of electricity and the potential harm to our environment are the usual reasons for looking into making your own home energy. However, there is another more compelling reason to consider making your own home power generator. There could be a coming shortage of the resources used to produce electricity.

Can Paper Towels Save the World?

An average American family uses between one and five rolls of paper towels per week. For us, it was probably right about in the middle as some of us can be a little OCD about washing our hands. A little more than a year ago, as part of our goal to live greener, we decided to eliminate paper towels from our house. And when I say we, I really mean me. As with most things that happen in our house, I made a proclamation and the male folk who live here just smiled, nodded, nudged each other a little and played along.

Alternate Energy – Using Solar and Wind Energy in Your Home

Solar and wind energy is quickly becoming more commonplace throughout the world. Many people are becoming interested in this technology whether they are looking at it from an ecological, economical, or energy independent perspective. Indeed, from all three viewpoints, many look to the future with worry – and rightly so.

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