Top 5 Wild Edible Nuts to Forage

Green Living, Japanese Cedar and Government Mistakes

What happens when you ignore Green Living basics and fight Mother Nature? You lose! Here is a great lesson from the disastrous effects of the ‘managed’ Japanese Cedar forests of Japan.

Backyard Composting: An Environment Friendly Practice

Charles Darwin, the famous geologist once suggested that the earthworms must have passed at least once through all the fertile areas of earth. A slightly modified approach towards this suggestion is the concept of worm composting or vermicomposting. The technique produces two different, useful and highly marketable products: worms and their castings.

Charity Begins at Home: Household Items You Can Recycle

Here is a list of household items you can donate instead of throwing them away. By doing this you will assist a number of different charities and help the environment at the same time.

Some Important Techniques To Green Up Your Home

Nature is man’s best friend. It gives us fresh air to breathe, keeps a cold atmosphere warm by the shining rays of the sun and also embraces mother earth in its arms. We will always remain indebted to nature for its unprecedented help.

Facts About Geothermal Home Heating and Cooling

There are a lot of great reasons that geothermal home heating and cooling is so popular among home buyers today. At the top of the list is that geothermal is extremely cost effective to use. And because it burns no fossil fuels, it is also great for our planet. As energy prices continue to rise, it makes good sense to consider this more natural way to heat and cool your home.

Gardening For Absolute Beginners

Can’t keep a houseplant alive for more than a week? Feel like keeping plants, outside or in, is a chore? Then this is the article you need.

A Greenhouse, Too Good To Be True!

A greenhouse in your garden or backyard, other than its beauty, it can be very beneficial and healthy for you and your family. Flowers, vegetables, or any type of plants can be grown at any time of the year in all seasons!

A Green Way Of Life

“Little things brighten a day like the sight and smell of blossoming flowers, and nothing makes a meal taste better than fresh vegetables and herbs” A greenhouse is able to add a new aspect to the efficiency and productivity of a home garden. Various plants can be grown and enjoyed around the year; seasonal plants can be developed to get a head start on spring. Yet, the expenses of building a greenhouse can change from numerous hundred dollars to thousands.

What You Don’t Know About Managing A Worm Farm

Worm farming is very useful and exciting to us human beings as it helps us recycle some of our waste food and produce compost that benefits us in many ways. The compost produced by our worms can be used to enrich our soil for gardening, can be used for flower beds and can even be sold to make extra money. Setting up a compost bin can be easy and can be done by almost anyone.

The Reasons Why Everyone Should Start Worm Farming Today

People from all over the world are getting into worm farming because it benefits the world in different ways. The finish compost produced by the creatures is very rich and can be used as manure to enrich the soil where you can then plant vegetables and flowers. The worms produce the compost from household garbage which also helps the environment in recycling our waste material.

Prepping for Spring Gardening

Prepare for your spring garden with these great tips on how to budget and get your garden ready for when the cold weather finally goes away. Create your ideal garden this year with some thought-out planning.

General Maintenance Tips for a Luscious Green Lawn

Growing and maintaining a lawn is a part of home beautification. After all, homeowners are conscious of how a well-designed landscape can increase the curb appeal and raise the value of a residential property. It is often observed that within months of growing a lawn, it starts turning brown and gradually dries up. The ruinous state of your home lawn becomes more conspicuous if the grass on your neighbor’s side is fresh and greener.

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