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The Top Ten Facts About Water and Conservation Ideas for The Home

Let’s face it: water is life. Without water, there’s no doubt about it, life would be impossible. Maintaining Earth’s water supply is critical for all humans, species, and ecological systems.

Water Consumption – 5 Frugal Habits That Also Cut Down Water Use

For someone who is already trying to live in a frugal and responsible manner, cutting down water consumption may end up being an indirect benefit whether it was planned or not. While water usage can be directly lowered through a wide range of water saving measures, most frugal habits end up indirectly saving water as well. Here are five money saving choices that have the added benefit of cutting down your consumption of the world’s water supply.

5 Eco-Friendly Tips for the Average Consumer

Today, it’s more important than ever to be green-conscious when it comes to grocery shopping. Within the past decade or so, there has been a change in perception from the typical consumer from the “buy, buy, buy”, to “re-use, reduce, recycle”. Be it due to genuine concern for the welfare of the environment, or just wanting to save some cash in the tough economic times, there are tons of little things here and there that you can do to consumer in a greener way.

Key Benefits Of Solar Panel Renewable Energy

Have your energy bills been stressing you out lately? Have you considered solar panels, but you don’t know enough about them, or if you can even afford them? This article will take the mystery out of solar panel renewable energy. We will discuss the basics of this clean energy resource and everything that you need to know to get started. With solar panel renewable energy for your home or business, you become a major player in your contribution to helping save our planet. We know that the power of the sun can supply us with the domestic energy we need to continue to live and thrive.

Going Green With Rain Barrels

Rain barrels are put in place to collect the rain water to help water the plants and flower beds throughout the spring and summer. By placing rain barrels to trap the rain water, this will help to lessen the pressure of using water from your taps which has a dramatic effect on the water usage as some cities and towns are beginning to limit the use of water. With spring comes rain and it usually can be a wet one, with these barrels in place, they will save you enough to water your plants and what ever else you may need the water for. These barrels are usually in a 45 gallon size drum and are made of some type of hard resin plastic material. The price range will vary from store to store and the difference is not all the much, they are worth the investment and time in doing our part to alleviate some pressure from mother nature.

Go Green To Clean The World

Using energy efficient appliances is a start, but not enough, we need to take it one step further by using all the free and natural resources to help our environment and lessen the negative impact on the world. Inventions such as electric cars, wind mill farms and solar farms are a step to ensuring that our world will have a chance to live on for centuries and in the hopes of helping the earth for a cleaner and green world.

Benefits of the Geodesic Greenhouse and a Starter on How to Grow Your Own Bananas

Grow your own food and be more food secure, while saving money at the same time! Geodesic greenhouse technology makes it possible to grow even bananas in sub zero weather. Beat the high price of food and eat amazing, tasty, organic food all year round.

Net Zero Energy Homes: The Morning Sun House

When Doug Boleyn, an Oregon-based energy expert, decided to build a custom home, he wanted to demonstrate that a Net Zero Energy home could be a success even in the cloudy climate of the Pacific Northwest. Doug enlisted the help of architect Mathew O. Daby Design and Cellar Ridge Custom Homes builders to make this challenging project into a success story that would help prove the viability of Net Zero Energy homes.

Permaculture – Sustainability and You

We’ve probably all heard the term “permaculture” at some time or other but unless we’re already involved with this topic, we may not really know what it is or what it entails or even how it links to sustainability. Even gardeners who may already be using some of the ideas and principles may not know how what they do is related to permaculture!

The Increased Popularity of Reclaimed Lumber

More and more people are using reclaimed lumber in their new construction projects. Reclaimed lumber is becoming popular as a building material.

5 Ways to Improve Water Conservation

With the growing emphasis on water conservation and a shift in our culture to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, more people every day are looking for ways to reduce stress on the water supply. Below are five simple steps each of us can use to conserve water. Be creative with your landscaping.

How to Buy Sustainable Green Furniture

Many people are wondering about how to start a green lifestyle. Well, actually it can be started by getting green furniture rather than the common furniture. Buying green is the same with helping the planet to stay healthy. You can also stay healthy by buying this kind of product because it does not contain harmful substance for your health.

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