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Solar Panels – Cutting Your Carbon Footprint

This articles explains what your carbon footprint is, and how solar panels can help. Find out many other ways to help the environment too, along with solar panels.

Solar Panels And Other Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

There are lots of ways to make your home energy efficient. Solar panels are great way to do this, but this article considers some other ideas.

The Basics Of Solar Heat Panels

Active solar heating has evolved into two types of solar systems based on the type of fluid in them. The solar collectors are either filled with air or fluids. Air based systems heat air in air collectors whereas liquid -based heat water or an antifreeze solution in a hydroponic collector. Both of these collect and absorb solar radiation which is transferred as solar heat directly to the interior space or to a storage system from which the heat is distributed.

Solar Panels – How Does Your Roof Affect Them?

This piece considers various issues relating to your roof and putting solar panels on it. Factors concerned are the orientation, tilt, materials and so on.

Clean Energy With Solar Panels

Solar energy has been gaining more and more supporters over the years. And why shouldn’t it? It is clean energy. It can power up almost anything you need and it will never run out of juice. After all, the sun isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

The Pros And Cons Of Solar Energy For Homes

Many people talk like solar energy is the answer to our future energy supply. Since the Earth is constantly being bombarded with free energy, whether we use it or not, it would seem like a no brainer. So why aren’t we attaching solar panels to every roof if solar power is so great? As good as solar energy may sound, there are both pros and cons to solar.

Wind Power – Talking About The Advantages of Wind Energy

Power bills can be a tremendous responsibility for any family. This is absolutely true during the dark winter months in cold climates, when power bills can really hurt the pocketbook. This is just one reason an alternative energy source can be a major advantage in your home.

Simple Ways Green Home Improvement Can Improve Your Home and Save You Money

In these economic times, we’re all looking for ways to save money. Those who are searching for a way to add value, and save money are starting to see how green home improvements can be an asset. They not only save money over time, but they can also help the environment. There are quite a few things people can do to turn their home into a green home.

Solar Energy – How About Homemade Solar Power?

There are many ways to benefit from the power of the sun and increase energy savings. In fact there are reasonably straight forward homemade solar energy projects for any residential homeowner.

How To Use 3×6 Solar Cells To Build Solar Panels

If you’re new to building solar panels or want to know how to start building your own solar panel to save money, then you found the right article to read. Going green is great, but buying solar panels can be very costly. Currently, solar panels prices are still high over $2.00/watt and slowly decreasing. That’s a great thing, but for now people like you and I need another alternative, a cheaper way to build solar panels. So what materials are required and how do you build a solar panel?

Rain Barrels: Solution to the Looming Global Water Shortage Caused by Global Warming

For those who are into gardening, rain barrel water can do wonders to those sensitive, fuzzy and wilting plants. Aside from the fact that rain water is free and good for plants, installation of rain barrels can also save money.

Get Free Electricity Now – Magniwork Review

Did you ever think it would ever be possible for a machine to produce energy perpetually? Whether you have or have not you are in for a treat with Magniwork. Inside this guide to Magniwork, it will demonstrate how to build solar panels and magnetic generators that will provide you with a free source of energy for a very long time.

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